Eating Out: Would You Send Food Back?

Kim Conte


CafeMom Dragonflykiss44 posed a fascinating question yesterday in the CafeMom Newcomers Club: When dining out, do you ever send food back?

I rarely send food back, preferring to suffer in silence with my sub-par meal rather than draw attention to myself. But once at a restaurant, my steak was so undercooked that it was bleeding, and I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Much to my extreme mortification, Mr. Cafe Kim made me send it back to the kitchen for a few more minutes on the grill.


Have you ever sent food back?

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One blog I found called had a post on what exactly happens in the kitchen when a customer sends her or his food back. According to this post, rarely does the kitchen start over on your dish; rather, most restaurants prefer to pick out the unwanted item (like onions in your salad); microwaving the dish (if it's too cold); or, gasp!, "washing" off your steak if it has the wrong sauce on it. Many restaurants' philosophy is, you're probably not coming back anyway so who cares what happens. These are things I just would prefer not to think about.

Have you ever sent food back? What happened?

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