How to Host a Soup Swap


Have you heard of a Soup Swap? Similar to a cookie exchange, the self-explanatory soup swap is when friends get together to exchange soups that they've made.


I read about it this morning on Apartment Therapy's I find this idea particularly brilliant because every time I make soup I have a TON left over. Leftovers are great—the first, second, and third time. But by the seventh day of the same soup, I'm just like UGH, please, no more. A soup swap would be the perfect chance to exchange my soup for a variety of new and different homemade soups. How fun and budget-friendly! And any opportunity for a party is fine by me!

There is a whole Web site dedicated to the phenomenon of the Soup Swap.  According to the site, here's how to host a soup swap in your home:

1. Invite all guests at least two full weekends in advance. This way they will have more than enough time to make soup. Tell guests to bring six quarts of soup in six separate, clearly marked, to-go containers.

2. The night of, serve drinks, food, snacks—whatever you think would make a fun party. Then, gather guests in central location. Go around and have each guest say a little something about their soup.

3. Place numbers in a hat equal in number to the number of guests, and have each person draw a number. Number 1 picks the first soup. Number 2 picks the second soup, and so on. Repeat six times until all the soup is gone.

And if you are looking for soup recipes, here are some good ones from around CafeMom:

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