Lollipops for Valentine's Day

Need an alternative to chocolate for Valentine's Day? Lollipops seem to be going the way of the cupcake trend by being cute, trendy, versatile, and completely ubiquitous. These aren't the suckers the bank teller used to give me when I was a kid (do you remember those?). Rather, these lollis are high-end, gourmet, and flavored with every ingredient imaginable.


Lollyphile experiments with new flavors all the time. Currently, they are offering Absinthe (photo above), Maple-Bacon, and Wasabi-Ginger (4 for $10; 36 for $52).

Love a bowl full of cherries? I adore these double cherry pops from Williams-Sonoma (set of 15 pairs for $12)!

And finally, I heart this groovy, retro Psychedelic Pop from Dylan's Candy Bar ($7.50 each). You can't tell from the photo, but this guy is a whopping 12 ounces! That's my kind of lolli.

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