Do Your Kids Cook?

Don't be fooled: Just because I cook all the time now doesn't mean that this was always the case. In fact, you might say I was a late bloomer when it came to cooking. I remember the very first thing I learned how to cook...


I was 15 and as part of a high school breakfast fundraiser, I had to cook pancakes. Mountains and mountains of pancakes. At age 15, I had never used the stove or oven before. Our school cafeteria cook walked me through a step-by-step pancake tutorial, and luckily, I caught on real quick.

Lots of kids start cooking much, much earlier than I did. In fact, according to this Food & Drink poll, CafeMoms are cooking with kids as young as 6 years old! Toast seems to be the most popular thing to cook at this age, but other children are whipping up eggs, waffles, and even cabbage rolls! My 2-year-old cousin helps his mom make cookies...I'm telling you, these little budding chefs are putting my 15-year-old-self to shame!

Do you cook with your child? What do you make?

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