Peanut Processor Knew About Salmonella

peanut butter

Have you been following the latest about the widespread peanut butter salmonella outbreak scandal? Cafe Kristen's got the scoop in today's Healthy Living Buzz: According to USAToday, the FDA reports that the company responsible for the outbreak knew their peanut products were tainted with salmonella.


A supplier called Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) is being investigated by the FDA for tainted peanut butter in the salmonella outbreak. The latest reports from the FDA say that federal officials have identified 12 instances in which PCA identified salmonella in peanut butter or peanut paste and not only failed to clean the plant but also shipped the products out anyway. Pretty infuriating, wouldn't you say?

More than 390 peanut-butter products have been recalled—including energy bars, cookies, crackers, and dog food. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the outbreak has sickened more than 501 people in 43 states and may be responsible for eight deaths.

Relatives of a 72-year-old woman whose death may be salmonella-related are suing the plant for more than $50,000. As Cafe Kristen asks, how do you think this company should be punished?

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