Are You Constantly Losing Tupperware?

tupperware food container

Where oh where has all my Tupperware gone? I have an inkling as to where it might be.


Last night I went to freeze some leftovers from dinner only to discover that my big, square Tupperware dish—the one I use to freeze leftovers all the time!—was no where to be found in my kitchen. After emptying all my cabinets...twice!... I finally remembered that I had used it to bring cookies to a friend two weeks ago. Either she had forgotten to return it, or I had forgotten to retrieve seems pointless to quibble over blame. The point is, it was gone, and I needed it!

Does this happen to you? Are you constantly losing Tupperware or glass or ceramic dishes after bringing food to friends or to a party?

I guess the simple solution is not to bring my good dishes to other people's houses, but I don't have many extras. Moreover, I don't like using disposables because it creates a lot of waste, which is bad for the environment. There must be some etiquette about politely getting dishes back from friends. Once when I brought a dish to a dinner party I offered to wash my dish so I could take it home with me. It worked and I definitely got my dish back, but I felt a little weird about the whole thing.

How do you get your dishes back from friends? Will I ever be reunited with my favorite Tupperware dish again?

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