Are Men Better Dieters Than Women?


Could you resist these fries?

A new brain-scan study suggests that men may be better at resisting cravings than women. Volunteers in the study were shown photos of their favorite foods after not eating for 17 hours and were told to "fight their hunger" and try to resist the craving. So what were the results?


According to the findings, male participants were better than female participants at suppressing hunger. While the participants viewed the food photos, researchers observed their brain activity: The brain scans showed that men were more likely than women to have a drop in activity in brain regions involved in emotion, conditioning, and motivation when told to resist the craving. Women had no change in activity in these regions. The food scientists took the results to mean that women may have more difficulty in sticking to a diet than men.

Interesting? Maybe. Discouraging? Possibly, especially if you are already finding it difficult to diet. But so much more research needs to be done for these results to have any real meaning. I, for one, am skeptical that the study did not take into account where the women participants were in their menstrual cycle given that this has been proven to have an effect on how the brain responds to food.

What do you think?   

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