Do You Open the Oven Door When Cooking?


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I'm embarrassed to admit that until fairly recently, I was energy inefficient in the kitchen, at least when it came to using my oven. I was one of those people who opened the oven door periodically throughout the cooking process because I needed to constantly know what was going on with my food. Little did I know how wasteful this was...

I was shocked to learn that opening the oven door whilst cooking or baking lowers the temperature by as much as 25-50 degrees (!) thereby significantly increasing my cooking time. I shudder to think of all the time, energy, and money I wasted with such behavior. Ever since I made this discovery, I've been keeping the oven door shut and putting my little oven light to excellent use—huh, so THAT's what it's there for.

There are plenty of other ways to use the oven efficiently when cooking. For example, Ideal Bite says that they only time you need to preheat the oven is when you are baking cakes or pastries—for any other food you can skip this step. That's definitely news to me! It also recommends that you turn the oven off a few minutes early to save energy. And Do It recommends using glass or ceramic dishes, which cook food faster at lower temperatures.

How do you save energy in the kitchen?

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Hanaa... Hanaas_mommy

I don't open the door while something is cooking but after it is done I leave the door open to let the heat out into the kitchen (saves a little on the furnace running). I hardly ever preheat my oven. I turn it on and a few mins later I put the food in. Never thought about turning it off a little sooner though

MumsT... MumsTheWord571

I never open the door unless I have to do the toothpick test or turn something. But I do preheat.

OVLady OVLady

That's why they make ovens with windows so you can see the food without opening the door. The only time you should open the oven door while cooking is when you are broiling, which is generally a short time anyway. That or just to check on the food baking a few times, but not during the entire cooking time. Though I do leave the oven door open after I'm done baking to let the hot air out & cool down the oven.

Jason... JasonsMom2007

I only open the oven door if I need to see it closer than I can through the window.  Sadly the light is always on because my 1 year old stands at the door and watches it cook.  It's either that or he screams the entire time!  Usually it's just to check the bottom of something to see if it's brown or to toothpick test something.

mdmom mdmom

yea i do only cause my oven is so old and the light don't work anymore and the landloard wont come change it lol

Azure Azure

I have to. My oven doesn't have a window on the front and it's unpredictable.

Peajewel Peajewel

I am a huge door opener.  Unless it is something I think might fall if I open and close it.  Then, I will turn the light on and look through the window. 

toola toola

my oven tends to run hot so I have to check cakes and things by hand. so yes, I'm guilty!

jennm... jennmarie77

Another thing is if you must do a toothpick test or flip something or whatever, take the stuff out of the oven, close door and then check it.  Leaving the door open while checking your food loses tons of heat too.

fluud7 fluud7

there's a light in there for a reason. :) no, i don't typically open the door. (and btw, opening a crockpot lid adds 20 minutes to your cooking time for the same reason!)

i've never preheated for anything except cakes and occasionally cookies. with food, it's just a waste.

i also leave the door open when i'm done baking to heat the house, but only if little fingers aren't around to get smashed or burned!

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