Cooking With Semen?


natural harvestJust when I thought I'd seen everything...apparently, there is a cookbook called Natural Harvest, which is all about storing, preparing, and cooking with semen. The book claims man juice is nutritious, all-natural (obviously), and great for cooking.

I think I'm going to throw up.

What do you think? Is this totally nasty or what?

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jamba... jambalover

dang, do none of you swallow??  LOL  seriously, I like my husband's cum.

Momof... MomoftheCrew

Just way to nasty for me to even imagine.

redli... redlily08

Okay, I have no problems with cum, semen is NOT a waste product, so it can't be compared to fluids that come out certain other orifices. However, you'd really have to trust the source. I definitely would not be happy if I went out to eat and found out human semen was being used, unless they took my husband to the back and had him contribute the special ingredient. Semen and blood are too perfect of carriers for the real nasty stuff (like disease).

LovemyQ LovemyQ

My first thought:  WHY?

sunny... sunnymom3

I am gagging!

Tigge... Tigger9406

I think I am going to be sick!  Who would eat something made with semen?  NObody here would.


omg.that's gross but funny!more on the gross side.I have read semen whitings your teeth.

semiwife semiwife

LMAO...  i need mouth wash now.. nasty things  people put out there whats next different ways to use women eggs, or what is taste with pee... i mean come on th9is is just plain sick ... yeah i would get that from my hubby from time to time but i am not going to ever serve it in my food i can see my parents mouth drop when i give them the recipie..

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