Cooking With Semen?


natural harvestJust when I thought I'd seen everything...apparently, there is a cookbook called Natural Harvest, which is all about storing, preparing, and cooking with semen. The book claims man juice is nutritious, all-natural (obviously), and great for cooking.

I think I'm going to throw up.

What do you think? Is this totally nasty or what?

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winte... wintertyme

OMG! That is nasty! Seriously! I thought I was misunderstanding the title, but apparently not! I am going to go throw up now! That is just weird and nasty!

I thought that this had to be a joke of some kind, so I went and looked it up! Nope. 100% real!

I agree with ainstalshia, just another a reason for men to wack off... LOL

princ... princess49615

I think I'm going to throw up!! THAT'S F*CKING DISGUSTING!!!!

Renae... Renae_1010

Yuck yuck and yuck!!!! That is just disgusting! I swear, men make up this shit to get woman to get them off!

Heath... HeathersBabies

I don't even like it directly from the "source"!! I surely don't want it in my FOOD... ughhh.

jandan jandan

NOOOOO WAYYYY!!!!  Gotta give this book a look.  Is this truly 4 real.  OH MYYY!!jaw drop

mlt4m... mlt4marykay

OMG! Is this for real???? That's friggin gross.

absmama absmama

I think not ... that's just nasty!

a_tat... a_tattooed_mom

Ok.. I will cook with it..i will even get my own special cookware for this and the next time he pisses me off..i will cook something special for him...

justm... justmeandjacob

that is the sickest thing i can think of

epoh epoh

this is very interesting that you all say its disgusting. Im not saying it is or its not, but I find it interesting because just the other day I made pork roast. Made from a pig's butt. That pig pooped and rolled around in who-knows-what . . . yet . . . I still ate it!

American's eat lots of interesting disgusting things. Cheese is just rotten milk processed a certain way. So what's the big deal?

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