Do You Wear an Apron in the Kitchen?

I LOVE Cafe MicheleZ's post in Beauty & Style Buzz about wearing cute aprons in the kitchen. Be sure to check it out if you haven't.

One of my good friends gave me a darling black, flowered short apron for my birthday, and I wear it all the time. It's not only practical—I think it's stylish! But some Cafe Moms weren't so sure: While some thought aprons were "retro chic" others thought they were a "misogynistic throwback."

What do you think? Do you wear an apron when cooking? Tell us below, then check out adorable aprons made by CafeMoms, like this pink one from cozycabinmom.


These aprons by seemommysew are perfect for your little chef who's just learning to cook:

I love this cow apron from andreabaker!

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