Stopping Kids From Throwing Food on the Floor

Does your toddler throw food on the floor during meals? Lots of CafeMoms report that this is a common problem.

Is this just a phase or is it preventable? Moms in the Stay At Home Moms Group (must be a member to view) have plenty of tips to get kids to stop...some apparently are more successful than others.

How do you get your child to stop throwing food on the floor?


Here are some tips from CafeMoms on how to get kids to stop throwing food:

  • mommy2bunny recommends a time out. If they continue to do it after the time out, then they don't get to eat anymore.
  • superpickle says "First throw and the food is gone."
  • Busymoma07 makes her son clean up the thrown food, but unfortunately he likes it and thinks it's a game.
  • Many moms suggested only giving kids tiny bits of a food at a time to reduce the amount that finds it's way to the floor.
  • I liked yannaboozmommi's method of teaching her 15-month son to say "all done" instead of throwing the plate on the floor.

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