15 Delicious Lunch Ideas to Use Up Leftover Chicken

Deborah Cruz | Apr 17, 2020 Food & Party
15 Delicious Lunch Ideas to Use Up Leftover Chicken
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With our current state of affairs, no one wants to be making unnecessarily grocery shopping runs. It just doesn't make good sense. We just don't know what is waiting out there for us. We're all trying to stretch our groceries a little further and make meals that will feed people for more than one meal. Gone are the days of throwing out fruits and vegetables and no more turning up your nose at leftovers. It's OK, we've all done it. We've all suffered the pain of four days in a row of turkey after Thanksgiving. It's not pretty but still, times are different.

We've got to be smart. Plan and try to keep our sanity while not having all-out mealtime mutiny because no one wants what you warmed up again. Don't they understand that we're tired of standing over the stove, we're tired of trying to be creative at mealtime every morning, noon, and night, and mostly we're sick of them asking us what's for dinner? 

But have no fear! Most of us keep chicken in our freezer. Some of us pick those whole chickens up when they're on sale and now's our time. We'll get through this together with these delicious lunch ideas to use up leftover chicken. 


  • Buffalo Chicken Sliders


    Buffalo chicken sliders are a favorite meal at our home any day of the week. This buffalo chicken slider recipe by I Am Baker is quick, simple to make, and a definite family favorite packed with flavor. 

  • Pulled Chicken Nachos


    This pulled chicken nacho recipe by Drugstore Divas is not only easy, it's delicious. Bonus: it's the perfect way to use up some of those pantry items you have laying around, as well as, use up that leftover shredded chicken. Tip: to avoid those turned up noses at leftovers, separate the shredded chicken when you make it and set it to the side for the nachos on the next night. 

  • Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup With Egg Noodles


    Everybody loves chicken noodle sick whether they're sick or just in need of some cozy, comfort food. Throw some frozen crescent rolls in the oven and you are good to go. This homemade chicken noodle soup with egg noodles recipe is everything you want and need dinner to be.

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza


    Everyone loves pizza, right? It's not even a meal, it's a treat disguised as your favorite meal. The TRUTH about Motherhood's mouthwatering buffalo chicken recipe will have the entire family looking forward to those chicken leftovers. The best part, no matter what form your chicken leftovers are in -- rotisserie, grilled, shredded or baked -- it all works on this pizza. 

  • Zucchini Noodle Chicken Salad in a Jar


    Want something healthy for lunch? That's possible, too. Active Brooklyn Mama has a gorgeous and delicious zucchini noodle chicken salad in a jar recipe that anyone would feel good eating for lunch.

  • Chicken Pot Pie


    The ultimate comfort food by anyone's standards. Eat Picks chicken pot pie recipe will fill their bellies with warm, deliciousness while packing a nutritional punch. Bonus: they'll stay full until dinner. Yes, even the teenager. 

  • Chicken Salad BLT


    When two fan favorite sandwiches converge to make one super sandwich, alas, the chicken salad BLT. Drugstore Diva's chicken salad BLT is one that's quick and easy, but absolutely scrumptious.

  • Greek Lemon Rice Chicken Soup


    This dish is hearty and filling. It really is more than a starter. If you're expecting soup as a side, this is not the soup for you. This Greek lemon rice chicken soup recipe is the perfect way to not only use up all of that leftover chicken but also, any veggies and eggs that might need to get used up before their expiration dates.

  • Leftover Chicken Shepherd's Pie


    Shepherd's pie sounds like a lot of work but this leftover chicken shepherd's pie recipe by the Life of Jolie comes together quickly and easily. Some leftover chicken, some veggies and bada bing, lunch is served. 

  • Easy Leftover Chicken Quesadillas


    Quesadillas with their cheesy goodness should be a love language in and of themselves. Gimme Delicious' leftover chicken quesadillas recipe is everything it promises to be and more. As an added bonus: quesadillas are not only muy delicioso, they can be made in just a few minutes.  Forget Taco Tuesday, quesadillas every day.

  • Greek Grain Bowl


    Another healthy lunch option, The Kitchn's Greek grain bowl with leftover chicken recipe is just smart. It's light, yet filling and absolutely delicious. Best of all, it's something different. 

  • Easy Leftover Chicken & Potato Casserole


    Want something to comfort the family in these trying times? Something familiar but different at the same time? The Spruce Eats leftover chicken and potato casserole recipe is just what they want. 

  • Rotisserie Chicken Ramen


    Ramen is good no matter how you make it but Pure Wow's leftover rotisserie chicken ramen recipe is magically delicious. it doesn't take long to make and it hits the spot every single time. 

  • Paleo Coconut Chicken Sweet Potato Noodle Soup

     A family might get tired of eating chicken. it happens. Chicken is like that but even if they had chicken 5 days that week, nothing will come close to the taste of Ambitious Kitchen's Paleo coconut chicken sweet potato noodle soup. They'll be asking for it again soon.
  • Buffalo Lettuce Wraps


    Who needs tortillas when there's lettuce? Fit Foodie Finds' buffalo lettuce wraps recipe is healthy, quick and full of robust flavor. The best part is that it can enjoyed without the guilt and the carbs.

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