Hilarious Easter Bunny Picture Fails

easter bunny fails

We're not going to hide it anymore -- we're big-time planners. We love to dream big and yes, sometimes get way too deep into our ideas of the perfect celebrations. This goes double for the big celebrations: birthdays, Christmas, and of course, Easter. We admit that we've spent way too much time trying to plan out the perfect Easter celebration for our us -- we mean, our kids -- which of course kicks off with a good old-fashioned photo with the local mall Easter Bunny. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry -- especially when kids are involved. Which is how one ends up with the other iconic holiday totem: the Easter Bunny photo fail. There's no shame in it -- it happens to the best of us. One minute the little ones are chill and having a nice day out with mom, and the next, absolute chaos and tears at the sight of the mall Easter rabbit.

Truthfully, we can't blame our kids for going full-on freak out mode when they see the giant Easter Bunny. There is something sort of creepy about knowing that there's a grown adult in there and some of those costumes are downright scary. Whether we like to admit it or not, holiday photo fails are just as iconic as the classic family snapshots we take on Christmas morning or those back-to-school photos we take every year. Although they are way, wayyy, more hilarious. On the big day, don't panic if the little ones break down in tears -- just think that their photo freak outs can live forever on the internet like these kiddos whose Easter Bunny fails we've compiled into one neat collection. Take a look at all of the photos we put together and help us decide if this is the year we skip the Easter Bunny altogether.