16 Weird Facts About Peeps

Kathleen Wong | Mar 12, 2020 Food & Party
16 Weird Facts About Peeps
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Springtime means several things: warmer weather, longer days, April showers, succeeding May flowers and most importantly, it's Peep season. Kids and adults alike can spot a Peep from a mile away. These squishy, sugary confections have been a household name for decades -- well, at least since their inception in 1953. Even though we now associate these brightly colored marshmallow chicks (well, now there are Peep bunnies, ghosts and more!) with Easter season, how much do we really know about the history of Peeps? 

Well, we decided to do a little digging and find out more about these cute little treats. Click ahead to read 16 interesting facts we bet y'all didn't know about Peeps! (And just try not to be tempted into going to the store and purchasing a bunch.)

  • Yellow Peeps Are the Most Popular


    The best part about Peeps are the fun, bright colors they all come in. While the range spans lavender to neon blue, it's the sunshiny yellow that's the best-selling color of Peeps chicks and bunnies. 

  • They Used To Have Wings


    Yes, really! Up until 1955, Peeps chicks had wings, according to the Food Network. But they were removed to help the design look a little more modern. What do you think? Way cooler or even more weird?

  • Each Year, the Peeps Made Would Circle the Earth 2.5 Times


    How many Peeps are produced each year? A whopping 2 billion, which is enough to circle the planet 2.5 times. Did anyone else get really full reading that? And also maybe a little bit nauseated?

  • Peep Jousting Is Totally a Thing


    While most of us have heard of jousting as a sport, how many have heard of Peep jousting? According to Smithsonian Magazine, Peep jousting is when two peeps are armed with toothpicks and then put in the microwave. Since they expand when heated, one will eventually, well, for lack of a better word, stab the other with the toothpick sword. 

  • Peeps Don't Melt in Acetone


    Although soft and squishy, a 1999 science experiment by scientists at Emory University discovered that Peeps don't dissolve in acetone. Just don't think too long about that before you eat one...

  • There's a Legit Contest for Peeps Dioramas


    With their cute shapes and colors, Peeps are the perfect confections to play with. In fact, since 2006, The Washington Post has held a Peeps Diorama Contest for artists of the sweet medium. The grand prize? A $500 cash gift card. 

  • There's a World Record for Peep Eating


    In 2017, Matt Stonie set a new world record by eating 255 Peeps in just five minutes at the 2017 National Harbor World Peeps Eating Championship. That's a lot of marshmallows. Stonie won the year before that at the inaugural championship, eating 200. 

  • One Peep Used To Take 27 Hours To Make


    Can you imagine it taking 27 hours to make one cute Peep chick? During the early years, Peeps were made by hand. Now the process is automated and it takes just six minutes. Talk about efficiency. 

  • The Eyes Are Made of the Same Wax Used in Car Waxes


    Don't fret though! The wax is nontoxic and totally edible. However, it is found in some candles, shoe polishes, and car waxes. Yeah ... maybe one more thing we don't want to think about for too long...

  • There Is a Pancakes & Syrup Peeps Flavor


    Breakfast has never looked so ... squishy? There are some interesting Peeps flavors, but we think this one is the most bizarre. 

  • The Recipe Has Barely Changed Since the Beginning


    Granulated sugar, liquid sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and vanilla extract make up the basis of Peeps and this hasn't changed since their creation. Don't fix something that ain't broke!

  • There Is Peeps-Flavored Milk


    Why chew Peeps when we can just guzzle it down? Peeps-flavored milk is a thing and we're not sure how we feel about it. Some people swear it's good in coffee, but we'll just take their word for it.

  • There's a New Year's Peeps Fest & 400 lb. Peep


    Each year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of the Peeps factory, Peeps Fest is thrown as a New Year's celebration. As part of that celebration, a 400-pound Peeps chick descends during the countdown to the new year. It's like the ball in Times Square, but not. 

  • Peeps Can Be Infused Into Vodka


    We don't know whether to say "you're welcome" or "sorry about this," but Peeps can be infused into vodka. Just soak some of the marshmallow treats into a closed container, like a mason jar, of vodka for 24 hours.

  • Fans Often Request Flavors


    Turns out, some of the wild Peeps flavors come right from us! A representative told Popsugar that flavors such as fruit punch and sour watermelon come directly from fans (and the recipe and development department).

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