Dunkin' Donuts Latest Menu Addition Is Just a Literal Bag of Bacon & Who Isn't Here for That?



So far, 2020 has been a wild year. We're knee-deep in problematic world affairs, Mercury has been in retrograde for what feels like a century, and overall it feels like we've just gotten off to a rocky start. 

But friends, I think we have finally turned a corner. 

  • On Wednesday, Dunkin' Donuts announced it added Snackin' Bacon to its menu, and it is exactly what it sounds like. 


    Made from a cherrywood smoked slab of pork and dusted in sweet black-pepper seasoning, the Snackin' Bacon is literally just eight half-strips of crispy bacon in a to-go bag.

    That's it. That's the whole snack.

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  • And honestly, no one really seems to be mad about it. 

    "Bacon is the universal ingredient. Can you name one thing it doesn't improve," another Twitter user commented.

    There were also dozens of people who claimed they'd riot if this snack didn't make an appearance at their local Dunkin.'

  • In addition to bags of bacon, Dunkin' is keeping it "balanced" with a slightly healthier option it released last week: matcha lattes.

    The company also is adding Irish creme coffee, shamrock donuts, and Dunkin' breakfast bowls. Undoubtedly, though, people will be most intrigued by the savory snack bags.

  • At least we all have a legitimate reason to channel our inner Ron Swansons. 

    Happy snacking!