16 Magically Delicious Lucky Charms Desserts

Kathleen Wong | Feb 23, 2020 Food & Party
16 Magically Delicious Lucky Charms Desserts


I think we can all agree on one thing: Lucky Charms cereal is magically delicious. Frosted oats and sweet colorful marshmallows in the shape of rainbows and shooting stars have been a staple in many people's childhoods -- and let's be real, adulthoods -- for about five decades. In that time, folks have come up with some creative recipes transforming Lucky Charms into something even more delicious.

Who knew that was possible?

From Lucky Charms-inspired cupcakes topped with the sweet, melt-in-the-mouth marshmallows to rich Lucky Charms cheesecake, here are 16 Lucky Charms dessert recipes to make not just around St Patrick's Day, but year-round. These desserts are yummy, sweet, and in our personal opinion, pretty dang lucky. For even more cereal-inspired desserts, check these out

  • Lucky Charms Ice Cream


    If we think about it, Lucky Charms do make the perfect ice cream flavor. The frosted oats make for a sweet, creamy base while the marshmallows are a fun addition that add color and texture. Noble Pig had the right idea with this Lucky Charms ice cream recipe. In the recipe, the cereal is soaked in milk and cream before being pulverized and turned into a custard. The marshmallows are added in the end. 

  • Lucky Charms White Chocolate Bark


    In this quick and easy recipe, Life with the Crust Cut Off mixes white chocolate with Lucky Charms cereal. This recipe is so simple the kids will be able to help out!

  • Lucky Charms Cereal Milk Confetti Cupcakes


    Three words: cereal milk cupcakes. This Lucky Charms cereal milk confetti cupcake recipe by How Sweet Eats is more than just sprinkling Lucky Charms cereal on top of vanilla cupcakes. The recipe involves soaking the cereal to give the batter a nostalgic cereal milk flavor. 

  • White Chocolate Lucky Charms Cookies


    This white chocolate Lucky Charms cookie recipe is for folks who want more than just chocolate chips in their cookies. The cereal provides a sweet but crunchy texture to delicious white chocolate cookies. These would be a major hit at any St. Patrick's Day party!

  • White Chocolate Lucky Charms Blondies


    These white chocolate Lucky Charms blondies are perfect for our next St Patrick's Day celebration! Decadent and chewy, the recipe uses all the marshmallows found in one box of cereal.

  • Lucky Charms No-Bake Cheesecake


    This Lucky Charms no-bake cheesecake recipe is perfect for those who aren't afraid of a little color. This recipe by Thriftyfun uses the frosted cereal for the crust while the creamy middle is turned rainbow thanks to the marshmallows.

  • Lucky Charms Munch


    Salty, sweet, crunchy, sticky, and chocolatey. This Lucky Charms munch recipe by Deliciously Sprinkled blows puppy chow out of the water. It incorporates pretzels, M&Ms, white chocolate, and Lucky Charm marshmallows.

  • Lucky Charms Treats


    Move over, Rice Krispie treats and make way for Lucky Charm treats. This easy, no-bake recipe takes just five minutes from start to finish. Perfect for when the kiddo suddenly announces he needs to bring treats to school the next day.

  • Lucky Charms Pie


    Who needs an oven to create a delicious Lucky Charms-inspired pie? This Lucky Charms pie recipe by Hugs and Cookies XOXO is a marshmallow extravaganza with marshmallow fluff and the Lucky Charms marshmallows.

  • Lucky Charms Milkshake


    Vanilla ice cream plus marshmallow fluff plus Lucky Charms equals a delicious milkshake that's worthy of whipping up even if it's still cold in March. Hint: cereal-lovers should feel free to add extra Lucky Charms!

  • Lucky Charms Cake


    How colorfully stunning is this cake? On top of all the beautiful shades of the rainbow, rich Irish Cream (optional) and marshmallow frosting really upgrades this recipe from a regular cake. 

  • Lucky Charms Macarons


    Macarons get a lucky makeover with Sugar and Cloth's Lucky Charms macaron recipe. No, macarons are not the easiest dessert to make but they sure are worth it. A delicious labor of love, we think.  

  • Lucky Charms Popcorn


    The next time we Netflix and chill, we are 100% going to make this Lucky Charms popcorn by A Night Owl Blog. Kettle corn drizzled with colorful chocolate melts and Lucky Charms cereal make movie night magically delicious!

  • Lucky Charm Cupcakes With Marshmallow Frosting


    This Lucky Charms-inspired cupcake recipe by The Gold Lining Girl has a delectable and colorful treat inside: Lucky Charms marshmallows! Once the little one takes a bite of this cupcake, there's no going back to regular, non-filled ones.

  • Muddy Buddies With Lucky Charms


    Who doesn't like muddy buddies? Chocolate- and peanut butter-covered cereal is welcome in our lunch bag anytime. This classic snack gets an upgrade with Lucky Charms in this recipe by Cooking with Karli.

  • Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes Marshmallow Treats


    Here's an idea: let's combine two of our favorite cereals, Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes, into a rich, buttery dessert bar. It's a cereal match made in heaven, if anyone asks us! Check out the winning combo recipe from Half-Scratched.

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