20 Lovely Valentines Bento Box Ideas

Valentine's Day Bento Box

It wouldn't be lunch time without a sweet message from Mom. And a bento box is the perfect way to let Kiddo know how loved they are! There are so many fun designs that can be made with a bento box, but now that it's almost February, it got us wondering about the next big holiday: Valentine's Day. Usually we slip a little love note into Bub's lunchbox, but now we want to do something even bigger and better. Enter, the Valentine's Day bento box, a mixture of the amazing bento box designs we see blowing up on Instagram and the perfect way to ask our kiddos if they'll be ours on February 14. Which is why we scoured the internet to find a little V-Day bento box inspiration (and we're starting now because we'll need tons of time to practice and get our sandwich heart making skills right!).

Of course, bento boxes are known for their intricate and creative designs (OK, they're basically art), which might seem like it's out of our *ahem* skill range. But we want to be fearless even though high school art was the last time we picked up a drawing pencil. That's also why we chose designs for every skill level -- from bento box newbies to moms who are skilled enough to go pro. Everyone should be able to try at least one new bento box skill, whether it's learning how to make hotdog hearts (or as we've taken to call them, heartdogs) or perhaps it, it's learning how to make awesome new shapes with fruit. Either way, getting creative in the kitchen is what makes these bento boxes so much fun and no mom should be left out of it. So take a look at these 20 adorable Valentine's Day bento boxes that we can't stop swooning over and why not give one a try?