20 Lunch Bento Boxes That Both Moms & Kids Will Appreciate

Mandy Velez | Jan 24, 2020 Food & Party
20 Lunch Bento Boxes That Both Moms & Kids Will Appreciate
Image: ThitareeSarmkasat/iStock

bunny bento box

Bento boxes launched into the mainstream parental canon in the 2010s. For those unfamiliar, bento boxes are lunch foods cut or designed to look like shapes or animals. They can be for anyone, adults or kids, but it seemed that some parents turned bento box creation into an art. They became and still are popular on Instagram. The world was both amazed and intimidated by the fishes, bear faces and other designs. To many, it just seemed like another way to make busy, less creative parents seem inadequate but it’s really just about fun. And regardless of whether parents choose to actually try their hand at one, it’s hard to argue they’re not cool to look at. At the end of the day bento boxes are works of yummy art.

Bento boxes are a year-round activity. Whether it’s for lunch at home or at school, any seasonal lunch is welcome to be turned into a creation. Examples of said bento creations can be sandwiches cut into shapes with fruit making the face. Or, it can be as simple as a pretty rainbow made out of fruits and veggies. One thing that makes these lunches easier to create is the box they are placed in. They’re the kinds that give each food its own little section. Here’s the thing: It can make food fun and more appetizing for kids to eat. But it can also make food more fun for adults, too. Being an adult doesn’t automatically mean loving veggies. Doing something creative can fix this, or even create an activity for moms and kids to do and enjoy together! But as we said, they’re fine to just want to look at, too. If mamas ever want to try, though, we found a few that are quite appetizing.

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