Oreo Cookie Houses Are the New Gingerbread Houses & People Can Hardly Contain Themselves

Oreo Cookie House
Big Lots

Gingerbread house season is almost upon us. You know, that lovely time of year where you gather the kids around, turn on some Christmas tunes, and attempt to assemble tiny houses out of candy without eating half the treats first. But it looks like gingerbread houses are gonna get a run for their money this year, thanks to Oreo's Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit, which just hit shelves (and are quickly selling out). It's essentially a gingerbread house made out of Oreos and ... well, it looks pretty dang delicious.

  • The Oreo house certainly ups the ante on the classic gingerbread house. (Seriously, good luck not eating this thing before you're done building it.)

    But it also gets major bonus points for being super easy to DIY: The kit comes with prebaked cookie pieces to construct the walls and roof, which makes it way easier to assemble (and less likely to wind up in a Pinterest fail).

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  • It also comes with yummy white icing to hold it together and create a snow-capped roof ...

    And fruit gummies to decorate the exterior, add a splash of holiday color, and ... OK, fine, to munch on when the kids aren't looking.

    If gingerbread and graham crackers aren't really your thing, this might be right up your alley, because the whole thing is made of biscuits that give it an undeniable chocolatey goodness.

  • News of the new holiday treat hit Twitter this week, where people were not holding back their excitement.

    "Must get, must have cookie house," tweeted one person.

    "YAAASSSS!!!! Where has this been all my life?!" tweeted another.

    Of course, more than a few people pointed out the obvious dilemma: How's a thing like that supposed to get constructed when all you're gonna want to do is eat it?

    "That house would never get built," quipped one person.

    The Oreo kits are reportedly being sold at Big Lots (though they're currently sold out online), and were recently spotted at CVS by someone with the Instagram account @thejunkfoodaisle

    "I would much rather make this than those gingerbread house," one person commented on the post, which has racked up over 6,000 likes from excited cookie fans.

    Clearly, Nabisco needs to start cranking these bad boys out at a faster rate, because the people NEED their Oreo houses and they need them now!