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20 Healthy After-School Snacks Kids Can Grab From The Fridge Themselves

We remember what being a kid was like -- all the best snacks were basically variations of chocolate frosted sugar bombs. We wanted the unhealthiest stuff packed in the brightest neon packaging that used as much environmentally unfriendly plastic as humanly possible. And while we think it's OK to give kids these kinds of ridiculously processed treats sometimes, we're pretty sure the best bet for kids the vast majority of the time is going to be healthy, whole food snacks they can pull from the fridge and enjoy -- and if it spoils their dinner a little bit, well, it was packed with fresh veggies anyway, so what's the big deal? We're all about trying to live a more relaxed life, and making sure that the kids are getting their nutrients even if they're doing it at snack time instead of at proper meals is one great way for us to get there. 

There are so many tasty, good-for-kids (and good-for-us!) snacks out there, we're trying to make the switch completely from a fries-and-cookies lifestyle to one that's more based in whole fruits and vegetables. We're huge fans of getting a healthy, happy snack in to keep our blood sugar even throughout the day (and keep us from getting snappish and mean to the people we love). New mamas need their own snacks when they have a newborn in the home, when they have no time to eat (or when they are trying to eat something lukewarm with one hand while feeding a kid with another). Because it only makes sense to make one set of snacks that everyone in the home can eat, consider snacks moms will want to try too, and make a ton for everyone to take to work or school. When family members are keeping an eye on calorie intake, try some 100-calorie snacks that kids and parents will love.

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