How to Green Kids' Lunches


All this week Cafe Sheri has a great series in Home & Garden Buzz about CafeMoms who are going green for 2009. Here in Food & Party, I thought I'd chime in with a eco-friendly food-related idea: Why not pack your kid's lunch in a reusable lunch kit?

Because so many of us are crunched for time and convenience, we often pack our kids' lunches in single-use disposable plastic bags, aluminum foil, or wax paper. According to, the average school-age child generates 67 pounds of waste per year. Apparently, those little plastic baggies really add up!

Some of the reusable lunch kits on the market these days appear to be pretty pricey. But the various containers, bags, cloth napkins, and utensils included in the kits can be used countless times—actually saving you money (that you would have spent on baggies, foil, paper napkins, prepackaged food, etc.) in the long run. I love the retro look of this lunch pail from To-Go Ware and it even has interlocking containers!

Do you pack waste-free lunches for your kids?

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lucho... luchousdiva

We use lunch boxes that they bring home everyday, but I still use lunch baggies for chips and sandwiches.  I am going to go out and buy sandwich containers.  I didn't know kids were making that much waste. 

tyheamma tyheamma

My brothers always lost their lunch boxes. It was so much cheaper for my mom to give them disposibles.

nonmember avatar Cris Bourelly

Have you seen the reusable, dishwasher safe fabric baggies that are offered at They are perfect for fruit, chips and sandwiches, and are made from a food-safe German fabric with a moisture-proof liner. Check them out!

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