This Sale on Staub Enameled Cast Iron Is What We Are Doing Today

Sale on Staub Cookware at Sur la Table
Sur la Table

I have been staring at the Staub Round Cocotte imagining the chili I would make in it. Cast iron is my favorite cooking tool. It holds heat beautifully, making meats crisp and long-cooking dishes perfect. When it is coated in enamel? It's fantastic. It's easy to clean and doesn't interact with tomato or other acidic foods. My chili would win prizes if I cooked it in this pot. 

And every piece of this Staub cookware is the gorgeous, enamel-coated, cast-iron version of the pan I have been craving. The ceramics are also gorgeous. I also might have to have an entirely new set of those wooden spoons if I look at them again.

Staub cookware sale at Sur la Table
Sur la Table

And the colors! How do I even decide? Do I want everything in one color? An assortment? 

Do I want to cook and serve my soups in a ceramic pumpkin? A cast-iron tomato

This sale is a cook's dream come true.

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