31 Things That Will Take Any Gender Reveal Party to the Next Level

31 Things That Will Take Any Gender Reveal Party to the Next Level
Image: Gender Reveal Celebrations/Target

Gender reveal powders and confetti
Gender Reveal Celebrations/Target

There's nothing more exciting than seeing a plus sign appear on a pregnancy test for the first time. Well, aside from seeing that first flicker of a heartbeat on the ultrasound. And telling friends and family you're pregnant. And registering for baby clothes while imagining the itty bitty newborn that's going to occupy them. OK, let's be real -- it's ALL pretty exciting! And some might say the cherry on top of it all is finding out whether there's a baby girl or a baby boy growing inside that belly. Yep -- the gender reveal is pretty huge. And with all that mounting anticipation, it's no wonder that gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent years.

I'm not talking about just gathering some family members in the kitchen and cutting into a cake to reveal if it's blue or pink inside. (Though that's pretty fun, too.) These days, parents-to-be are throwing full-on backyard bashes complete with smoke and confetti bombs that announce the gender in one epic display. They're teeing off with golf balls made of pink or blue powder and watching in awe as they explode into the air in all their pink or blue glory. They're knocking around pinatas stuffed with pink or blue glitter and other fun surprises, and squealing with excitement as they crack open to reveal whether it's a girl or a boy. And even though it all may seem a tad overly millennial (because, well, it kinda is), it's undeniably fun.

In the end, those moments of anticipation and excitement aren't really all about the gender. They're about bringing friends and family together to celebrate that amazing little life that's growing inside. They're about imagining the future and all its possibilities. And they're about envisioning who and what that little guy or gal is going to grow up to be one day. And honestly, what's more fun than that?

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