This Instant Pot Makes Everything From Rice to Yogurt In Minutes & It’s On Sale

Instant Pot DUO 3

I'm a fan of Star Trek, in no small part because they have a machine that can make any dinner you want in a few seconds. Every mom needs one of those! Every human needs one, for that matter. It doesn't yet exist outside of science fiction, but, in our present-day world, the Instant Pot comes pretty darn close.

And the Instant Pot DUO60 6 Quart 7-in-1 Multi Use -- the one to get if you have a family -- is on sale for $59 (down from $99.95) right now.

Want risotto for dinner? No problem. Load the ingredients, hit some buttons, read a book to the toddler, and eat. The risotto (or polenta, rice, beans, or whatever) will be perfect -- every morsel -- because it uses pressure to cook and a computer brain as a safety monitor. No crunchy edges, no burnt bits -- perfect, every time.

How about a whole chicken dinner? Same. And the results are incredible. Just open the pot and amaze everyone with your cooking skills.


It's a rice cooker, yogurt maker, slow cooker, and electronic pressure cooker -- all in one adorable, R2-D2-looking device. You will quickly become dependent on the pressure cooker for its amazing speed and fantastic results. Everything else is gravy.

Speaking of gravy, be sure to make stock and bone broth. What once took 24 hours of slow cooking on the stove can now be accomplished in less than an hour.

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