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  • But other people told the dad he shouldn't let this be a hill to die on.

    "Just drop it," someone advised. "Yeah it’s lame that she decided a month after Mother’s Day last year that she didn’t want to help your kids show you appreciation but that was 11-months-ago. Make it clear it was a little (expletive), she owes you this year, then give her a kiss and move on."

    "I don’t understand people in relationships who would rather be right than work towards a satisfying compromise," another person wrote. "[Original Poster] is within his rights not to celebrate Mother’s Day, but all that’s going to do is increase resentment and make it very unlikely she’ll want to celebrate Father’s Day ever again (....) This tit -for-tat thing is a terrible strategy. Why be petty when you could be happy???"

    And someone else agreed that this was one fight the dad should ignore. "YES relationships aren’t about settling the score, it’s about listening, caring, compromising, learning and then moving on," that person wrote.

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