Dad Wants to Cancel Mother's Day & His Wife Kind of Deserves It


Mother's Day

It's one thing to joke about holidays being created by greeting card companies, and it's another to ban your family from celebrating. But unfortunately for one dad, that is the stance his wife has taken on certain holidays. She even took things so far that she decided that they wouldn't celebrate Father's Day last year. Sure that stung, but what's worse is that now his wife is completely contradicting herself and asking for a big Mother's Day celebration -- which to the dad just isn't fair.

  • Ever since his wife has become "anti-capitalist," she's preferred that the family skip the major fuss around big holidays.

    Admittedly, holidays can be overwhelming. Who can honestly say that they've never overspent on gifts? But the mom of  two might have taken things too far.

    As her husband explained in a post on Reddit. "She still celebrates holidays with the family (Christmas, Easter, etc) but likes to keep them minimalist and not embrace the 'money' side of things," he wrote. Although the couple does buy gifts for their two kids -- 6 and 4 years old -- they don't want them to focus on the material things,  which seems reasonable. 

    But this extended to Father's Day last year, when his wife told him that she didn't want to celebrate the occasion with their kids because "she wanted our children to respect us everyday and not make one day a special occasion for celebrating fathers or mothers," he wrote. "I was a little hesitant but I agreed and we took the day to try to teach them that."

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  • But apparently Mother's Day is a different story...

    Reddit thread

    One would think that his wife would be consistent with her beliefs, but as the dad explained, she's had a change of heart now that Mother's Day is coming up. "All of the sudden she wants me and the kids to take her out for breakfast, buy her gifts, and do other things for her," he wrote. 

    But he argued that this wasn't fair, especially bexause it was her idea to drop Father's Day in the first place. Now the two are in a huge blowout over his wife's flip-flopping. "She got super upset and is claiming I'm the asshole here," he wrote. "She's now saying we should celebrate both days and that it's unfair to her that we aren't celebrating Mother's day."

    So who's the jerk here and should Mother's Day be canceled this year too? 

  • Many people thought the writer's wife was at fault and that he owed her NOTHING after she took Father's Day away from him.

    "Either agree to do them or not, but she’s being a brat now that it’s her turn," one person wrote in the comments.

    "She can’t have her cake and eat it too...she canceled Father’s Day so fair is fair. She’s being a hypocrite," another person added.

    "Your wife is [a] hypocrite," a third person commented. "Sounds like she didn't want to do the same for you. And if you follow her whim, I bet you she'[s] going to end up 'cancelling' Father's Day again when the time comes around."

  • But other people told the dad he shouldn't let this be a hill to die on.

    "Just drop it," someone advised. "Yeah it’s lame that she decided a month after Mother’s Day last year that she didn’t want to help your kids show you appreciation but that was 11-months-ago. Make it clear it was a little (expletive), she owes you this year, then give her a kiss and move on."

    "I don’t understand people in relationships who would rather be right than work towards a satisfying compromise," another person wrote. "[Original Poster] is within his rights not to celebrate Mother’s Day, but all that’s going to do is increase resentment and make it very unlikely she’ll want to celebrate Father’s Day ever again (....) This tit -for-tat thing is a terrible strategy. Why be petty when you could be happy???"

    And someone else agreed that this was one fight the dad should ignore. "YES relationships aren’t about settling the score, it’s about listening, caring, compromising, learning and then moving on," that person wrote.

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