Last-Minute Father's Day Presents He Actually Wants on Amazon Prime

Jess Richardson | Apr 24, 2019 Food & Party
Last-Minute Father's Day Presents He Actually Wants on Amazon Prime
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Mini drone

Look, we have all forgotten about a holiday at least once in our lives, but don't let Father's Day be one of them. If the means are available, these are some extremely solid last-minute gifts that ship with Amazon Prime, which is significantly better than letting Dad know the day was forgotten. Some of these are on the pricier side (What can we say? Last-minute can cost!) but several wonderful options exist for less than $20. The items on the pricier side, however, if buying them is an option, are honestly the sort of thing he's going to absolutely adore. These are solid, dad-tested, dad-approved options for every type of father -- from aspiring bocce players to the guy who just wants a really, really solid nap.

Also, check out these 20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Father's Day This Year. Although a few of them take some advance planning, several of these could be discovered and announced the morning itself, and they sound so thoughtful it's basically like having been really good and thought through the project for weeks and weeks (even if that isn't the case). If there happens to be time left, some other thoughtful options exist for giving dad a gift he'll love this Father's Day, too. We're not saying that dad is ungrateful when he receives another necktie -- it's the thought that counts, right? -- but we are saying there are some inexpensive options he'll absolutely adore. Check out 20 Under-$25 Father's Day Presents That Aren't a Tie, which is packed full of gifts for most budgets. And if it's time to get the kids involved, head over to 10 Fabulous Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves​. He'll love them even more because they were made for him! 

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  • Mini Drone

    Mini Drone

    Every dad we've ever met loves a drone, and this one is a fun option for Father's Day both because it's available on Amazon Prime and clocks in at a great under-$30 price point. It hovers, offers three-speed control, and has an easy one-key return feature, so bringing it back in isn't an issue. 

    Mini Drone ($28, Amazon)

  • Hopsulator Beer Can Cooler

    Hopsulator Beer Can Cooler
    For any dads into spending days on the beach, golf, fishing, or any other outdoor activity that also lends itself to drinking from slender beer cans, this stainless steel individual can cooler answers the call. It keeps drinks up to 20 times colder than a standard koozie.

    Hopsulator Beer Can Cooler ($20, Amazon)

  • Premium Cedar Planks for Grilling

    Premium Cedar Planks for Grilling

    If dad is super intro grilling, these cedar planks are going to be such a fun toy for him to play with. They impart a natural smoky flavor without any harmful chemicals. They're useful for fish, vegetables, and meats. 

    Premium Cedar Planks for Grilling ($25, Amazon)

  • Regulation Bocce Set

    Regulation Bocce Set
    This is an official regulation bocce set, which is awesome whether dad wants to actually get good at it or he just doesn't want to embarrass himself among the older Italian dudes on the village green (or wherever he ends up playing). This is also a fun game for people of many mobility levels. 

    Regulation Bocce Set ($48, Amazon)

  • Leather Phone Case

    Leather Phone Case
    A genuine cowhide leather phone case just feels manly and cool, right? It also keeps phones from getting scratched (even when they're dropped by kids with slippery hands). Plus, the magnetic strap keeps it closed, and the cutouts mean the camera works just fine.

    Leather Phone Case ($36, Amazon)
  • Primula Burke

    Primula Burke
    Save so much money on buying premade cold brew with this amazingly easy (and easy to clean) cold brew maker that makes delicious, lower-acid cold-brew coffee. Plus, it fits easily into the fridge door.
    Primula Burke ($20, Amazon)
  • Badminton Set

    Badminton Set
    We love a present that gets people active! This badminton set comes with everything needed to have an active day in the park or backyard, including a net and pins to set it, shuttlecocks, and racquets.
    Badminton Set ($58, Amazon)
  • Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

    Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones
    For that dad who loves his tech (and taking tunes or podcasts on the go), these headphones offer absolute freedom of movement while sounding incredibly bell-clear. They are perfect for runners or athletes of any kind.

    Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones ($199, Amazon)
  • Sphere Ice Molds

    Sphere Ice Molds

    For dads who love their whiskey on the rocks, these sphere molds are honestly way better than whiskey stones, which are a lot likelier to chip teeth. These melt much slower than regular ice cubes, preserving the drink's flavor. 

    Sphere Ice Molds ($10, Amazon)

  • Figuring by Maria Popova

    Figuring by Maria Popova

    Figuring is the exploration of some major life questions -- the search for meaning, what it means to live a fulfilling life, and how we can understand love and truth, just for starters. The author's been exploring these on Brain Pickings for years, but she goes even deeper in Figuring through an exploration of scientists and writers.

    Figuring by Maria Popova ($19.50, Amazon)

  • Marshall Speaker

    Marshall Speaker

    This speaker offers remarkably well-balanced audio in a cool, vintage look. It has remarkably deep bass despite how small the unit itself is and would easily work in a small home or apartment. It also allows true audiophiles to fine-tune the sound. 

    Marshall Speaker ($125, Amazon)

  • Herschel Dopp Kit

    Herschel Dopp Kit

    Herschel is such a deeply cool-looking brand. This modern dopp kit is intended to keep toiletries neatly organized, using an internal organizer and mesh storage sleeve to store travel essentials in a very elegant way. 

    Herschel Dopp Kit ($24, Amazon)

  • Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa

    Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa

    If our homes are our castles, then this video doorbell is the modern equivalent of a medieval moat. It works with Alexa and lets the owner see and interact with anyone at the door, from phones or tablets. Traditional doorbell wires aren't even necessary!

    Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell ($99, Amazon)

  • Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

    Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle
    A Stanley thermos is about as timelessly classic as anyone can get. It's totally leakproof, it keeps hot drinks super hot and cold drinks super cold, it's BPA-free, it won't rust, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Everyone should have one.
    Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle ($38, Amazon)
  • Carnivore Club -- Handcrafted Cured Meats From Award-Winning Artisans Subscription Box

    Carnivore Club - Handcrafted Cured Meats From Award-Winning Artisans Subscription Box
    The Carnivore Club delivers small-batch, high-quality cured meats -- usually between four and six kinds -- to very happy recipients. New artisans are delivered each month. It also includes a little meat-eater's handbook, which suggests recipes and pairings.

    Carnivore Club -- Handcrafted Cured Meats From Award-Winning Artisans Subscription Box ($38.50, Amazon)
  • $40 Xbox Gift Card

    $40 Xbox Gift Card
    For dads who absolutely love gaming and don't get as much of a chance to pursue their passion as they'd like, this is a gift of both Xbox cash and implicit acceptance that he's going to go use it for some hours. It's really the gift of an afternoon to himself, which is ... often pretty excellent.

    $40 Xbox Gift Card ($40, Amazon)
  • Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
    This memory foam pillow stays constant in its density and conforms to each individual's personal contours, creating a really excellent night's sleep. It's better than down in many ways -- it's definitely allergen-free, as well as easily washable. Everyone needs a good pillow, but most of us make do with some flattened nonsense.
    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow ($48, Amazon)
  • Avengers 4 Endgame Hoodie

    Avengers 4 Endgame Hoodie

    Is it cosplay or is it just a hoodie? It's hard to tell. This is a fun present because it's something even the most Avengers-obsessed dad is unlikely to buy for himself but totally, totally wants. Everyone loves a new hoodie, right?

    Avengers 4 Endgame Hoodie ($32, Amazon)

  • Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

    Temperature Control Ceramic Mug
    For dads who love their coffee piping hot (or just a very particular temperature), the Ember keeps drinks at precisely the right temperature for hours on end. Precise: Ember keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last. It's so simple and elegant, charging easily on its own saucer.

    Temperature Control Ceramic Mug ($80, Amazon)
  • Echo Dot

    Echo Dot
    The Echo Dot is the name-brand famous smart speaker that just about every technophile dad would absolutely love. It lets the user control music and make phone calls by speaking to it, and answers tons of questions, including delivering the weather and reading aloud the news.

    Echo Dot ($50, Amazon)
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