20 Creative Ways to Eat Chicken Nuggets

Mandy Velez | Apr 22, 2019 Food & Party
20 Creative Ways to Eat Chicken Nuggets
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chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a childhood staple. There is the slight variation in the form of a chicken tender, but other than that, nuggets usually come pretty standard: A small cut of chicken that's breaded. For some, that will never get old. Kids have literally fallen asleep trying to put the precious chicken pieces in their mouth. But if it's constantly on the menu, it's OK to want something a little different. Or present them a little differently -- like teaching an old dog (the nugget) new tricks. Meals can still incorporate chicken nuggets, and remain easy, but it'll just have a twist. 

That's where these new chicken nugget recipes come in. Turns out, there's so many ways to present them that isn't just plopping them out onto a plate. Now, moms are busy, we get that, so if that's all one has time, that's OK, mama. But if there are a few extra moments to spare, and only have nuggets in the freezer, these recipes will allow a fun and yummy change. And none of these ideas sacrifice price or what's already available in the kitchen. Some of the recipes keep nuggets in their true form, but the simplest transformations can come from breaking them apart, or slicing them, or wrapping them in different ways. Wrapping a piece of pastry dough around one, or even sticking the chicken in a wrap can complete change a meal. And save money, too. At the end of the day, chicken is chicken, whether it's in nugget, tender, or breast form. 

  • Chicken Nugget Mac & Cheese

    chicken mac and cheese

    Why just have one easy family favorite when the family can have two? Grab a box of mac and cheese, or make one of these recipes, and then cut up chicken nuggets to sprinkle throughout. 

  • Chicken Tender Biscuit

    chicken biscuit sandwhich

    Chicken and biscuits need not always have fried chicken. Take tenders or a few chicken nuggets and stick them in between a sliced biscuit or hamburger bread. Boom! A simple meal is updated to a chicken biscuit sandwich. 

  • Chicken Nugget Caesar Salad


    Healthy folks, this one is the real deal. Stick chicken nuggets on top of a Caesar salad and save the extra $2-$3 you'd pay at a restaurant. A great and easy way to add protein. 

  • Buffalo Chicken Nuggets


    Get the Buffalo wing taste right at home. Season nuggets in Buffalo wing sauce for a knockoff, but delicious, Buffalo chicken meal. 

  • Chicken Sushi


    This chicken sushi idea is more labor intensive, but fun if there's time. Cut up the chicken nuggets in small pieces then make sushi rolls as you normally would. Chopsticks, optional. 

  • Chicken Nugget Pasta With Sauce

    chicken pasta

    Yes, chicken nuggets and pasta can go together. Just use them as meat in creamy pasta and toss. No one will be able to tell Or if they do, it'll be so good, it just won't matter.  

  • Chicken Nugget Nachos

    chicken nachos

    Nachos are one of the easiest dishes to make: All that is needed are tortilla chips, cheese, and whatever protein available. This is where the chicken nuggets come in. Just defrost, cut up, and sprinkle them over the nacho mountain. 

  • Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowl


    Another easy meal: nuggets and mashed potatoes. But not next to one another, as one big bowl. The nuggets can be cut up and put in or around the bowl of mash. 

  • Chicken Nugget Skewers

    chicken kid skewers

    A simple stick can really change the presentation of a chicken nugget. It can upgrade it from a regular weeknight to a fun, barbecue-style dinner. 

  • Chicken Nugget Waffles

    chicken and waffles

    Chicken and waffles aren't exclusive to fried chicken. A nugget can go perfectly on top or in between waffles (or pancakes). Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dinner!

  • Chicken Nugget Panini

    chicken panini

    Stick a sliced nugget between two pieces of bread (maybe with cheese) and voila, we have a panini. Use a panini press to heat and shape, or just stick it on a skillet. 

  • Pizza Topped With Chicken Nuggets

    chicken pizza

    Making pizza is a super fun activity that also results in food. Don't have a protein? Break the nuggets out! 

  • Chicken Lettuce Wraps

    lettuce wraps

    Kick the carbs, but still have the meaty middle. Get taco ingredients but use nuggets as the main protein. 

  • Chicken House Salad


    Similar to nuggets on the Caesar salad, nuggets work just as well, if not better, on house or Cobb salads. Chop them up or leave them whole. 

  • Chicken-Bacon Nuggets


    This option is for serious meat lovers. Wrap pieces of bacon around each nugget to create a delicious appetizer or full-fledged meal. Nugget level: expert.

  • Chicken Jalapeno Wrap

    chicken wrap

    Bring on the heat! Grab wraps, add the nuggets and jalapeños, then wrap it all up into a crunchy, spicy meal. 

  • Ramen With Orange Chicken Nuggets

    ramen with chicken nuggets

    If the family is feeling like ramen, use nuggets as the main meat. Douse it in orange or ramen sauce to meld the flavors together seamlessly. 

  • Chicken Nugget Burgers

    chicken sandwich

    Keep it simple. Grab regular sandwich bread, or a bun, and put the chicken in between. Automatically, the meal becomes much more filling. Bonus: Dipping sauces can just be spread on the bread. 

  • Chicken Nugget Parm Slider


    Get extra fancy. Throw a nugget or two in a small burger bun, add cheese and voila! There's a chicken parm slider ready be to eaten. 

  • Chicken Nugget Crescent Wraps 


    Chicken nuggets wrapped in puff pastry dough, and then baked, is heaven on earth. The richness of the chicken paired with the flakey soft texture of the crescent will forever change the way chicken nuggets are eaten in the household. 

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