20 Decadent Adult Mac & Cheese Recipes

Mandy Velez | Apr 22, 2019 Food & Party
20 Decadent Adult Mac & Cheese Recipes
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mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is basically its own food group. It's the perfect combination of tasty and easy to make. Kids love it, adults love, everyone loves it. Everyone has their own way of making the dish, though. There's easy kid-versions that last a few days, big"/family dinner" mac and cheese recipes and even some, uh, questionable ones. It seems most parents stick to the noodles and melted cheese version. Or rather, the box of noodles with a packet of sauce version. But what if the grown-ups at the house want to graduate to an advance level of mac and cheese? It is possible.

Luckily, for the over 21 crowd, the Internet comes equipped with mac and cheese recipes that don't make the person eating it feel like a middle-schooler. Which, no offense to middle-schoolers, but sometimes a person needs a recipe to make them feel a little less Kraft and a little more Food Network's Ree Drummond. She just has a way of taking comfort food and turning it into five-star restaurant worthy. That's the idea with the recipes below. They're easy, but have a few added items to make them more sophisticated. They'll give the mac and cheese the appreciation it deserves -- maybe a place at a potluck even. 

But even if it simply becomes a family dinner staple, it still is going the extra mile. It's a small change, but one with big and delicious implications. Check out the recipes from the best food bloggers and Instagram foodies around. 

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