Healthy, Kid-Friendly Snacks Moms Will Want to Try Too

Jess Richardson | Apr 23, 2019 Food & Party
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  • Puffed Amaranth, Pistachio & Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

    Puffed Amaranth, Pistachio, and Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

    These puffed amaranth, pistachio, and dark chocolate granola bars are a great, soy-free alternative for kids with wheat allergies, and they're also grown-up enough for mom to want to steal a few bites for herself. 

  • Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

    Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

    These carrot cake oatmeal cookies are one of the healthiest things we've ever actually enjoyed. We defy kids to even know they're healthy ... just don't tell them and they'll never, ever find out. So very good.

  • Greek Yogurt Dip With Apple Slices

    Greek Yogurt Dip With Apple Slices

    What we love above all else: A healthy snack that doesn't actually taste healthy. Enter this awesome Greek yogurt dip with apple slices. This recipe calls for peanut butter, but almond or cashew butter would make a great substitute. 

  • Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices

    Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices
    We're as likely to throw this into our kids' lunch bags as we are to stash them in our own bag. Super healthy, low-calorie, sweet without any added sugar, don't need to be refrigerated ... they're kind of amazing.

  • Black Bean Brownies

    Black Bean Brownies

    We know, we know: Black beans don't belong in brownies. Until they do. Honestly, we like this black bean brownies recipe better than mom's classic one, and that used to be our gold standard. It's creamy. 

  • SeaSnax Organic Roasted Seaweed

    SeaSnax Organic Roasted Seaweed
    Thrive Market

    Let kids pretend to be mermaids (or sea otters!) with these tasty snacks made from just sustainably grown, organic seaweed, olive oil, and sea salt. It's a crunchy, chip-like snack that's wayyyy healthier than chips.

    SeaSnax Organic Roasted Seaweed ($1.50, Thrive Market)

  • Kid-Friendly Guacamole & Vegetable Sticks

    Kid-Friendly Guacamole and Vegetable Sticks

    Kid-friendly guacamole and vegetable sticks is an alternative to serving the delicious, healthy fat of avocados with high-calorie tortilla chips. All that great guac flavor without any of the problems (and lots of vitamins). 

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