Feeling 'Hangry' Is a Legitimate Thing, According to Science

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We've all been there. It's been a long day, we're running around taking care of errands, and we suddenly realize that we forgot to eat. The deeper we get into our day and the more we put off eating, we get to a point where we are beyond hungry. We move into "hangry" territory. The slang is used to describe the point at which you become so hungry that you're actually angry. And believe it or not, there is scientific logic behind this. 

When your blood sugar levels drop, it signals to your brain that you are hungry and it is time to satiate yourself with some food. According to a segment on The Doctors, a study from the University of North Carolina monitored two groups to test the difference between normal hunger pangs against what it meant to become actually hangry. In one group, both full and hungry people were told to write down their feelings. In the second group, made up of hungry people, they were not given the opportunity to express their feelings. Both groups were then given a tedious task, and the study examined how the two groups reacted. 

And the results? They were actually pretty telling. Check out their findings here: