These Kitchen Hacks Are So Obvious, Moms Will Wonder Why They Didn't Think of Them First

cutting a mango

In a busy, packed schedule life, we sometimes miss the most obvious and simple solutions. While we're rushing around looking to make it to the next part of our day relatively unscathed, we sometimes overcomplicate life. We take the longer route because it's familiar, we spend an extra five minutes fumbling with something because "that's how it's done" -- and the truth is all of that just eats away at our time and causes more stress. The place his happens the most? The kitchen. 

As much as I enjoy cooking, when I've just walked in the door and have approximately 90 minutes until under my infant's bedtime, cooking is chaotic. In my stress I find myself making silly mistakes because I rushed, which inevitably results in a bigger mess. Taking the time to just do the thing right, however, not only makes for a more desirable end result, it also alleviates the stress I feel rising in my chest. But sometimes we don't realize we're even overcomplicating something, and that's where these hacks come in. 


From eating corn on the cob to getting the most juice out of a lemon, Inside Edition spoke with an expert who showed some hacks that will help everyone save time in the kitchen. All it takes is a little ingenuity and a bit of patience. Check out the kitchen hacks here: 

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