Don't Put Away the Slow Cooker Just Yet: Here Are 20 Recipes That Still Work for Spring

Jess Richardson | Mar 21, 2019 Food & Party
Don't Put Away the Slow Cooker Just Yet: Here Are 20 Recipes That Still Work for Spring
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Slow Cooker Ham Bone Soup

It's easy to think of a slow cooker as being exclusively good for fall and winter meals. Slow cookers are so amazing for deliciously rich, heavy winter foods, like warming French onion soup, classic beef brisket, tender pot roasts, and hearty Bolognese sauces. 

In winter, we're used to the joy of throwing a bunch of ingredients into our slow cooker in the morning, taking care of errands and working all day, and then coming home to the wonderful smell of a hearty, delicious dinner that's already made, no extra effort required. (OK, maybe some extra effort if it's a dish that requires sides -- but usually nothing more than throwing a salad into a bowl, right?). But just because spring has (finally!) sprung doesn't mean it's time to put the Crock-Pot away just yet. 

While we definitely associate slow cooker classics with heavier, heartier winter dishes, it turns out that there are some amazing dishes full of brighter, lighter spring flavors that can be prepared in a slow cooker. Also, as spring is still often blustery and a bit cold, there are some wonderfully warming dishes that take advantage of the best spring has to offer while still being ideal for a chilly spring evening.

We love to use as many seasonal ingredients as possible (they just taste better, and they're cheaper than they are the rest of the year!) so in the spring, we want to make use of seasonal produce like tender asparagus stalks, big, meaty globe artichokes, and fresh spring peas. For the non-vegetarians among us, we also love to celebrate the season with some spring lamb (which is especially good in a slow cooker), and treats that are really only available during the spring months, like crawfish. Take a look through these recipes to find new, delicious ways to use the slow cooker this spring.

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