Make the Most of a Grocery Store Trip With These Tips from a Top Butcher

red meat

Whenever I make it to the grocery store I have one goal: Get out, and fast. I try to squeeze in food shopping around my busy schedule. Usually, I'm arriving at 7 a.m. after dropping my kid off at daycare, and much to the chagrin of the employees, I am rushing around so I can leave and get things put away before work. Because of that, I'm not the most ... attentive when it comes to to my selections. Things are given a little squeeze or poke, then tossed into my cart before I barrel through the next aisle.

Apparently that isn't the way to properly "adult" in a grocery store.

Inside Edition spoke to Greg Bardwell, manager at Fleishers Craft Butchery in New York City, and he warns shoppers that there is a lot to look for when it comes to meat. His tips for buying the best meat be it beef, chicken, or pork, centers a lot on taking a closer look at what coloring, cuts, and punctures mean. Safe to say after watching this, I'll probably slow down in the meat aisle

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