40 Healthy & Easy Valentine's Day Snacks

Ashley Austrew | Jan 28, 2019 Food & Party
40 Healthy & Easy Valentine's Day Snacks

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What do most people think of whenever they think of Valentine's Day? Candy. It doesn't matter if it's chocolates, conversation hearts, themed Peeps, marshmallow cereal treats, or some other sweet confection: Valentine's Day isn't exactly known for its healthy fare. But there are ways to keep Valentine's Day fun and festive without having to forego all food groups except sugar and candy. Healthy ingredients, such as fruit and yogurt, can do some heavy lifting to lighten up favorite treats and make them more nutritious while still keeping the holiday packed with celebratory foods. And that's what these 40 super easy, creative, and healthy Valentine's Day snack recipes are all about.

These soon-to-be-favorite snack and treat recipes are full of nutritious ingredients such as fruit, nuts, oats, honey, yogurt, and even goji berries. They include healthier versions of indulgent treats such as muffins and truffles, but also healthy and savory snacks packed full of vegetables, protein, and fiber. Whether parents are looking for healthy Valentine's Day food options for themselves, planning the snacks for a holiday class party, or trying to figure out how to balance out all the sugary treats kids are going to be eating at daycare and school, these Valentine's Day snack ideas will do the trick.

The best part is that a lot of these recipes are easy enough to let kids lend a helping hand in the kitchen. They'll love celebrating with mom and dad and getting to prepare some tasty themed foods almost as much as they'll love eating these snacks once they're done. Click through to check out all 40 healthy Valentine's Day food ideas perfect for holiday lunches, parties, snacks, and desserts.