20 Fun & Easy Valentine's Day Treats to Make With Kids

Megan Zander | Jan 10, 2019 Food & Party
20 Fun & Easy Valentine's Day Treats to Make With Kids

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In the years before the kids came along, Valentine's Day was all about red hot romance. We'd pick out special red and pink outfits, maybe splurge on an expensive meal and wait for our partner to present us with flowers or chocolate (or if we were really lucky, both!) Some parents still treat Valentine's Day as an excuse for a fabulous date night. But we can't forget our little loves -- the kiddos. Which is why this mid-February holiday is the perfect excuse to bust out the mixing bowls and whip up something sweet. 

Boxed chocolates as Valentine's Day treat are always delicious, and there's something about eating from a heart-shaped box that just feels fancy. But creating Valentine's treats in the kitchen with the kids offers the chance to give them a sugar fix while spending some precious time together making memories. 

Looking for a special treat to bring to the class party? We've got it covered with simple-to-make heart-shaped cupcakes and two-ingredient strawberry fudge that's perfect for pulling off the night before. Looking for a fun Valentine's Day surprise? Try tucking shortbread Cupid bites or a healthy conversation hearts-themed Cutie into LO's lunchbox. Want to show the whole family some love? Red velvet brownies with cream cheese frosting speak louder than words.

Forget shopping in the picked-over bakery section. We've rounded up 20 fun Valentine's Day treat recipes that are super simple to make and everyone will love -- no Pinterest fails here -- we promise!

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