20 New Year's Eve Party Foods You Can Make in the Slow Cooker

Maressa Brown | Dec 20, 2018 Food & Party
20 New Year's Eve Party Foods You Can Make in the Slow Cooker

shrimp scampi

From back-to-school season straight on through the end of the year, most parents' calendars are packed with a million to-dos. Kids' holiday recitals, sending greeting cards, planning for parties, baking cookies, trimming the tree, visiting with loved ones, shopping for gifts. These activities can bring so much joy but also leave any mom or dad feeling burned out beyond belief. By the time New Year's Eve rolls around, it's really no surprise that plenty of people would prefer to hang out on their couches and watch the ball drop from the comfort of their own cozy, yoga pants-friendly homes. That said, who doesn't want to do that and enjoy delicious food?

Whether friends, family, colleagues, and the whole neighborhood is invited to celebrate with champagne in hand (or the guest list is limited to just the little ones, Mom, and Dad) there are so many delicious foods to choose from on New Year's Eve. Much like Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's Eve is one of those special occasions that is made for small bites, apps, dips, tapas, and anything else that's easy to set out on a buffet so guests can pick and choose. At the same time, sure, it may also be an opportunity to cook up a lovely sit-down comfort food dinner. Either way, the ultimate New Year's Eve menu should be filled with indulgent favorite foods to set the tone for all the abundance and luck that should be a part of the year ahead.

For some, that looks like a delightful seafood dish like shrimp scampi. For others, perhaps it's a buffalo chicken chili. Either way, crowd-pleasing dishes can be prepped in the Crock-Pot, which gives the host a lot more time to sip champagne and enjoy their guests' company. Here are 20 slow cooker recipes perfect for New Year's Eve.

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