20 Instant Pot Desserts for Christmas

Maressa Brown | Dec 14, 2018 Food & Party
20 Instant Pot Desserts for Christmas

peppermint bark cheesecake

Instant Pots are perhaps one of the most beloved kitchen gadgets of the moment, and it's not exactly a surprise why. For mothers and fathers who are not only slammed with their regular to-do lists and chores, but also contend with all the tasks that come with raising children, the pressure cooker is a huge time-saver. The magic of the Instant Pot lies in the fact that recipes simply require dumping ingredients into the main bowl of the gadget, and within a matter of minutes -- anywhere from 10 to 30, in many cases -- it'll produce a finished, delicious dish that's ready to be served without much fuss. Plus, cleaning up after the Instant Pot is far less daunting than cleaning up after cooking the regular, old-fashioned way. 

For all of these reasons, it makes perfect sense that busy parents might want to lean on the Instant Pot for prepping anything from quick weeknight dinners to weekend breakfasts and everything in between. This includes holiday dishes, or more specifically, Christmas desserts. 

Though making sweets, treats, and other delightful sugary snacks in a pressure cooker might seem a bit bizarre, the Instant Pot actually gets rave reviews as the go-to gadget for certain types of desserts. For example, recipes abound for cheesecakes, as well as Bundt cakes, certain pies (think pumpkin), creme brulee, and even cinnamon rolls or brownies. Traditional, beloved holiday drinks like eggnog and spiced apple cider are also winning options that can be easily crafted for a crowd using the Instant Pot.

Bonus: By using the Instant Pot, most of these crowd-pleasing desserts take far less time than they would if baked or prepped the traditional way. And that means far more time spent bonding with loved ones and way less contending with kitchen duty and clean-up. Here are 20 Instant Pot Christmas desserts to try this year.

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