20 No-Bake Holiday Desserts

Maressa Brown | Dec 4, 2018 Food & Party
20 No-Bake Holiday Desserts

no-bake Candy Cane Brownies

The holiday season is filled with joyful moments, many of which -- let's be honest -- revolve around delicious, decadent, mouthwatering foods, especially desserts. Sipping peppermint hot cocoa, baking up sugar cookies that sparkle with shimmery, glittery sprinkles, enjoying gingerbread or eggnog or bourbon-flavored anything goes hand-in-hand with December and feeling festive. 

The tradition of indulging in sweets during winter solstice festivals goes way back. In the Middle Ages, people used spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, as well as dried exotic fruits like citron, apricots, and dates to make irresistible desserts. Back then, families felt like Christmas was the perfect time to splurge on pricier ingredients like sugar, lard, and butter, according to History.com

Once they had all those delicious, fatty, and sweet ingredients, they opted to make cookies over other desserts quite often, because the smaller, individually sized treats were easier to share with friends and neighbors. That tradition -- of baking up batches of Christmas cookies to enjoy and share with loved ones near and far -- continues to this day. Pan after pan of sugar cookies with cute, festive decorations is just as commonplace as trimming a tree or singing holiday songs.

But the fact of the matter is that as traditional as it may be, and as joyful (and even therapeutic!) as it can be as a seasonal pastime, baking definitely requires energy and time -- two things that many moms are understandably short on, especially around the holidays. For that reason, no-bake dessert recipes -- which can be pulled together with three or more simple ingredients -- are perfect go-tos. 

Here are 20 decadent holiday desserts that absolutely do not require an oven.

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