There's a New Ben & Jerry's Holiday Flavor & You Can Only Get It at One Store


minterwonderland pint

There are certain smells, colors, and flavors that just define the holiday season. It's a time for basking in the glory of gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint -- and when one of our favorite ice cream brands gives us a new treat to obsess over, we're positive it's nothing short of a Christmas miracle. 

  • Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland is here for the holidays, which combines mint and chocolate in a way that isn't a standard mint-chips-vanilla combo.


    Instead, holiday flavor enthusiastics can enjoy crunchy cookies, marshmallows, and a minty flavor in a decadent chocolate cream. 

    On the lid, you'll notice a little "exclusive" label, which indicates it's only available at one location.

    Can you guess where?

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  • That's right -- TARGET, BABY. 

    As if you needed another reason to go to Target this holiday season?

  • The pints retail for $4.50 a pop, which makes it easier to stock up on for the season. 

    ice cream

    And stock up you should -- exclusive flavors tend to sell out, fast. 

  • This will officially be me all season. K thnx bai.