Thank You, Trader Joe's, for Keeping Moms Sane

Trader Joe’s, mom and kid shopping at Trader Joe’s,

Dear Trader Joe’s,

I need to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. I understand you probably already know how much I appreciate you by the frequency in which you see me and the sheer look of bliss on my face whenever I walk through your doors. But just in case my multiple visits a week are not enough for you to completely grasp my appreciation, here’s an exhaustive list of all the reasons you deserve my thanks.


First of all, thank you for greeting me with sweet-smelling wildflowers and 99-cent greeting cards that I can frame and call wall art. Just walking through the doors of your store transports me to a happy place where T-shirt-clad people are almost euphoric, children don’t hate grocery shopping and everything I buy seems healthy.

Thank you for offering unique foods that bring me excitement and allow me to make the recipes from my Pinterest boards, like zoodles, spiral-cut sweet potatoes and all things cauliflower.

You make one of my least favorite chores something I don’t dread. You keep me sane. You make me happy.

Thank you for providing bathrooms that are clean and adorned with fresh flowers, interesting wall murals and enough space to accommodate a family of four and a shopping cart with ease.

Thank you for informing me of the per-banana price so I can easily know it is the cheapest banana in town.

Thank you for offering samples of delicious dishes at all hours of the day. Nine times out of 10, I buy what you’re selling and I don’t even care that three products are required to make the dish because it is delicious and gives me the much-needed inspiration for dinner.

Thank you for hiding that moderately creepy Sasquatch plushy in random places around the store, making my children think grocery shopping is a treasure hunt rather than the mundane chore that it often becomes.

Thank you for supplying coffee with multiple types of creamer for bedraggled moms. (And thank you for pretending not to notice when I return for seconds and thirds.)

Thank you for checking my eggs, giving me wine on Saturdays and not rolling your eyes when my 3-year-old insists on handing you each and every item in the cart.

Even the controversial mini shopping carts you so generously provide for my children make shopping a joy. While other people’s heels may curse you for this service, I, for one, have to say that they are the single most exciting part of grocery shopping day in my family.

What I’m saying, friend, is that you make one of my least favorite chores something I don’t dread. You are my reward (and my children’s bribe) after countless other errands. You keep me sane. You make me happy. I love you.

Very sincerely yours,

Moms in America

This story originally appeared on our sister site and was republished with permission.

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