20 Warm Snacks & Drinks Kids Will Love this Winter

Sierra M. Allia | Nov 20, 2018 Food & Party
20 Warm Snacks & Drinks Kids Will Love this Winter
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It's wintertime and the kids are back in school. After a long day, most children look forward to coming home and getting a yummy snack. Dinner usually isn't for a few hours, so we grab the closest or easiest thing we can find for them to chew on. But how much nicer it would be have some tummy-warming, taste-bud pleasing bites and sips that they can cozy up on the couch or floor and enjoy? In the heart of winter, even  spending five minutes outdoors can take forever to thaw out. That's where having a warm drink and snack can definitely come in handy. Even we as parents could probably use a moment or two to sit back and sip some tea.

When the blustery weather hits, we have a lot of go-to's when it comes to indulging. After all, cold weather calls for homey, delicious comfort that can soothe our frigid souls from the inside out. But sometimes heading to those same old snacks all winter can get tiresome.  And when factoring kiddos in, it can get even trickier. There are so many decadent snacks and drinks that can satisfy a cold-weather craving without sacrificing comfort or taste -- and a bunch of stuff the kids will totally love. Although some are rather unexpected, they will soon become staples and we'll wonder what we ever did without them. 

Hot chocolate, warm cookies, and tasty teas are just some of the delicious options that will hit the spot. Here, we pulled a collection of our favorite recipes that will chase the chills away as quickly as they set in. They will totally keep the whole family happy all winter long. Check out some of our favorite warm snacks and drinks.

  • Sweet Corn Atole


    Atole is a drink made with cornmeal, vanilla, and cinnamon. Children love corn, so this will definitely be a hit.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Chamomile Tea Latte


    My husband and I drink tea almost every night before bed. It has a way of soothing the tummy and also calms the body overall. Chamomile is known for its ability to calm anxiety and stress, which will be great for any child at the end of the day.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Creamed Corn


    Creamed corn is still one of my favorite snacks or side dishes. I used to just buy the cans and quickly warm them up for a meal on-the-go, but homemade is probably so much better.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Vegan White Hot Chocolate


    This hot chocolate looks just as delicious even without the dairy! Made with maple, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this coconut milk based drink might taste even better than the original.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Pumpkin Pie Oats


    There are two types of people in the world: Those who love oatmeal and those who despise it. As a child, I used to eat oatmeal almost every morning, and I grew to hate it. Later in life, I discovered that I only hated it because we were eating it the same way every day! Also I would take forever and so it would turn cold, but that's besides the point. Jazz up a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and whatever other toppings to create a delicious but healthy winter snack.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Wassail


    Wassail is another name for apple cider, but with so much more to it than just apples. Served warm, this drink combines all sorts of great ingredients, like orange juice, hibiscus tea, berries, and more. 

    Get the recipe here.

  • Veggie Packed Pizza Roll


    Show me a child that doesn't love pizza, and I'll probably faint. But pizza is one of those foods that you only want to give them once in a blue moon. These pizza rolls pack a bunch of great vegetables in them, "hidden" from the eye of children who won't touch anything green. 

    Get the recipe here

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies


    A list of warm snacks is incomplete without mentioning chocolate chip cookies. Sweet as they may be, cookies and warm milk are a classic winter pairing. 

    Get the recipe here.

  • Pumpkin Spice Drink


    Pumpkin spice is everywhere, I know. As tired as we may be of pumpkin being incorporated in every single dish, drink, and snack, its not going anywhere, so we might as well give in. This drink is in the style of a latte, only without the espresso or coffee (making it kid-friendly). 

    Get the recipe here

  • Honey Cornbread Muffins


    Yet another way to use the almighty husk of corn. Muffins are a great snack in that they're usually eaten year-round, and served hot or cold. These corn muffins are served hot, and with a little pat of butter, one can really fill us up quick.

    Get the recipe here

  • Steamed Vegetables With Garlic Butter


    We had to add some veggies in here! These ones are tasty, though. Granted, I'm a vegetable lover, but steamed and covered in a garlic-infused butter is a great way to make anything taste good. 

    Get the recipe here

  • Sticky Buns


    Show the kids a sticky bun and watch their eyes grow big and round and their tongues almost fall out of their mouths. This will be a nice treat after acing a test or getting a good comment from teacher.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Homemade Dried Fruit Tea


    I love this concept of making tea from dried fruit. Dried fruit has so much flavor and sweetness -- this is one I definitely have to try myself.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Sautéed Cinnamon Apples


    My daughter loves apples. She's only 2, but one of the few words in her vocabulary is "apple." I wonder how much more she will say that word after I give her this version of her favorite fruit?

    Get the recipe here

  • Roasted Pumpkin on Toast


    Once again embracing the season and becoming one with the pumpkin, we have this open-faced pumpkin sandwich. Drizzled with nuts and honey on a multigrain toast, children might feel like their eating pie.

    Get the recipe here

  • Special Ingredient Hot Chocolate


    No one thought I was going to leave this one off the list! The ultimate warm winter drink is hot chocolate. This recipe cuts out the heavy cream and uses a special ingredient to give us that same taste we know and love.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Grilled PB & J


    This will probably be my new way of making peanut, butter and jelly whether its cold outside or not. Take this staple snack to the next level by slapping it on the griddle for a few minutes.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Vanilla Cinnamon Flavored Milk 


    Am I the only one whose mother used to give her milk before bed? Milk also has a calming effect, and honey and cinnamon are great for digestion. Warm up a tiny tummy with this sweet but simple drink.

    Get the recipe here.

  • Melting Sweet Potatoes


    Sweet potatoes are another versatile vegetable. There are just so many recipes! This recipe of caramelized sweet potato rounds will not only please little taste buds but also fit perfectly in little hands. 

    Get the recipe here.

  • Vegan Eggnog 


    One thing many parents love about the winter season is the abundance of eggnog everywhere. This homemade, vegan (and virgin), nog recipe lets our children join in the fun.

    Get the recipe here.

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