20 of the Weirdest Candy Cane Flavors Ever

Kayla Boyd | Oct 16, 2018 Food & Party
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  • Coal Candy Canes 


    We all know that naughty kids are supposed to get coal for Christmas, but eating it is another thing. Don't worry though, these are actually just a smoky cinnamon flavor. 

  • Clam Candy Canes 


    Only extreme seafood fans will enjoy these. Candy Favorites sells candy canes that actually have the fishy taste of clams! 

  • Wasabi Candy Canes


    These wasabi candy canes may be one of the strangest flavors on the list. The spicy topping often paired with sushi is anything but sweet! 

  • Bacon Candy Canes 


    Bacon is a very important food group -- so we might just give these ones a try! Bacon lovers can now hang bacon-flavored candy on their Christmas tree. 

  • Pickle Candy Canes 


    Even pickle-flavored candy canes exist! If someone is in search of something more on the savory side, then these might just be satisfying. 

  • Krampus Candy Canes 


    Krampus is the anti-Santa Claus in European folklore. His candy canes are "fire-and-brimstone"-flavored -- which is really just a smoky cinnamon. Very creative. 

  • Gravy Candy Canes 


    Gravy does go well on everything when it comes to a holiday dinner. But having it for dessert is a bit questionable. 

  • Mac & Cheese Candy Canes 


    These mac and cheese candy canes recently had the Internet shook. A lot of people weren't really here for it though, writing on Twitter that this flavor "crosses the line." 

  • Birthday Cake Candy Canes


    For those who love birthday cake, this candy cane flavor is perfect. We're sure it is super-duper sweet. 

  • Sriracha Candy Canes 


    For people who carry a bottle of sriracha with them everywhere, this spicy flavor may be worth a try. Just be sure to have a glass of water nearby! 

  • Coffee Candy Canes 


    Coffee addicts will appreciate these. Although they won't give us our caffeine fix, they'll likely give us a sugar rush. 

  • Apple Pie Candy Canes


    Apple pie is a delicious dessert choice for the holidays, so we can't imagine it making a bad candy cane flavor. These ones are probably pretty good! They're described as a "flavor blend of rich apples and light spices." 

  • Root Beer Candy Canes


    These candy canes taste like a classic root beer soda. Hammond’s offers all-organic, handmade candy canes in unusual flavors. 

  • Oreo Candy Canes 


    Oreo cookies are addictive, so we can guess that the candy canes are too! If I get ahold of this box, it will likely be gone in a matter of hours. 

  • Huckleberry Candy Canes


    Huckleberry isn't a traditional flavor for a candy cane. The Huckleberry Patch offers a wide assortment of Huckleberry-flavored candies.

  • Bubblegum Candy Canes 


    We can only imagine how sweet a bubblegum-flavored candy cane is! These pink and white treats aren't the weirdest ones on this list, but they're not the easiest to find, either. 

  • Sugar Plum Candy Canes 


    Another interesting flavor choice from Hammond’s is a sugar plum candy cane. It's definitely completely on-theme for the holidays! 

  • Cinnabon Candy Canes 


    Warm, gooey cinnamon rolls are always yummy, so this is another candy cane flavor we can get on board with. Hopefully they're not too sweet! 

  • Molasses Candy Canes 


    Molasses is a pretty strange choice for a candy cane flavor. But hey, some people might just like it! 

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