20 of the Weirdest Candy Cane Flavors Ever

Kayla Boyd | Oct 16, 2018 Food & Party
20 of the Weirdest Candy Cane Flavors Ever
Image: Archie McPhee

weird candy cane flavors
Archie McPhee

When it comes to the holidays, the one thing that everyone has on their mind is all of the food and treats. And candy canes are some of the most iconic winter treats. Some people decorate their Christmas trees with them, some people crunch them up and use them in various desserts, and some just unwrap them right away and chow down. No matter how one chooses to enjoy a candy cane, we can all agree that they are a holiday staple. But when there is something good (especially when it comes to food or candy) there are always those who want to add a new twist to it -- and candy canes are no exception. 

When people think of candy canes they generally think of the traditional peppermint-flavored candies. But apparently, peppermint has gone out of style because now there are hundreds of candy cane flavors out there! And not only are there fruity flavors and flavors that take after other candies -- there are some pretty weird options out there. From clams to pickles to mac and cheese, candy cane flavors have gotten out of control in recent years! From spicy options like sriracha to made-up flavors like coal and Krampus (which are actually both a smokey cinnamon), there are no limits when it comes to types of candy canes. And since the candies are usually pretty inexpensive, people across the Internet seem willing to try out all of these absurd flavors. Chicken and gravy might be great for a holiday dinner, but for a candy cane? We are not too sure about that. Here are 20 nontraditional candy cane flavors that we dare people to try this year.  

  • Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes


    Chicken is wonderful for holiday dinners, but we are not quite sold on eating it in candy form. This rotisserie chicken flavor is definitely an interesting one. 

  • Coal Candy Canes 


    We all know that naughty kids are supposed to get coal for Christmas, but eating it is another thing. Don't worry though, these are actually just a smoky cinnamon flavor. 

  • Clam Candy Canes 


    Only extreme seafood fans will enjoy these. Candy Favorites sells candy canes that actually have the fishy taste of clams! 

  • Wasabi Candy Canes


    These wasabi candy canes may be one of the strangest flavors on the list. The spicy topping often paired with sushi is anything but sweet! 

  • Bacon Candy Canes 


    Bacon is a very important food group -- so we might just give these ones a try! Bacon lovers can now hang bacon-flavored candy on their Christmas tree. 

  • Pickle Candy Canes 


    Even pickle-flavored candy canes exist! If someone is in search of something more on the savory side, then these might just be satisfying. 

  • Krampus Candy Canes 


    Krampus is the anti-Santa Claus in European folklore. His candy canes are "fire-and-brimstone"-flavored -- which is really just a smoky cinnamon. Very creative. 

  • Gravy Candy Canes 


    Gravy does go well on everything when it comes to a holiday dinner. But having it for dessert is a bit questionable. 

  • Mac & Cheese Candy Canes 


    These mac and cheese candy canes recently had the Internet shook. A lot of people weren't really here for it though, writing on Twitter that this flavor "crosses the line." 

  • Birthday Cake Candy Canes


    For those who love birthday cake, this candy cane flavor is perfect. We're sure it is super-duper sweet. 

  • Sriracha Candy Canes 


    For people who carry a bottle of sriracha with them everywhere, this spicy flavor may be worth a try. Just be sure to have a glass of water nearby! 

  • Coffee Candy Canes 


    Coffee addicts will appreciate these. Although they won't give us our caffeine fix, they'll likely give us a sugar rush. 

  • Apple Pie Candy Canes


    Apple pie is a delicious dessert choice for the holidays, so we can't imagine it making a bad candy cane flavor. These ones are probably pretty good! They're described as a "flavor blend of rich apples and light spices." 

  • Root Beer Candy Canes


    These candy canes taste like a classic root beer soda. Hammond’s offers all-organic, handmade candy canes in unusual flavors. 

  • Oreo Candy Canes 


    Oreo cookies are addictive, so we can guess that the candy canes are too! If I get ahold of this box, it will likely be gone in a matter of hours. 

  • Huckleberry Candy Canes


    Huckleberry isn't a traditional flavor for a candy cane. The Huckleberry Patch offers a wide assortment of Huckleberry-flavored candies.

  • Bubblegum Candy Canes 


    We can only imagine how sweet a bubblegum-flavored candy cane is! These pink and white treats aren't the weirdest ones on this list, but they're not the easiest to find, either. 

  • Sugar Plum Candy Canes 


    Another interesting flavor choice from Hammond’s is a sugar plum candy cane. It's definitely completely on-theme for the holidays! 

  • Cinnabon Candy Canes 


    Warm, gooey cinnamon rolls are always yummy, so this is another candy cane flavor we can get on board with. Hopefully they're not too sweet! 

  • Molasses Candy Canes 


    Molasses is a pretty strange choice for a candy cane flavor. But hey, some people might just like it! 

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