20 Crockpot Drinks That Are Perfect For a Party

Kelly Bryant | Oct 11, 2018 Food & Party
20 Crockpot Drinks That Are Perfect For a Party

Mugs of hot chocolate

For those who are Crock-Pot obsessed, we have inventor Irving Nachumsohn to thank for the kitchen staple. He's the guy credited with introducing the first iteration of the appliance all the way back in 1940. Since then, the Crock-Pot, slow cooker, and almighty Instant Pot have essentially revolutionized the way busy families feed themselves. The fix-it-and-forget-it phenomenon makes it so much easier to put a hearty dinner on the table at the end of a long day. But for those who use their slow cooker on the regular, it has likely become abundantly clear that it can do way more than simply whip up a helping of pulled pork while the household is at work or school. 

Whether feeding a big crowd or a small family, the Crock-Pot isn't only for dinners. Overnight it can work away on a breakfast casserole or even bake up a delicious dessert to enjoy later. And social slow cooker aficionados will love what it can do in terms of brilliant beverages. That's right, that miraculous appliance sitting on a nearby countertop can also serve as a mixologist of sorts while entertaining by keeping a custom hot chocolate warm or a hot toddy simmering. Guests can help themselves to delectable drinks and add their own mix-ins while the hosts actually have time to have a drink as well, enjoying their own party. 

And, hey, it isn't necessary to throw the party of the year to use a slow cooker for drinks. Keeping hot apple cider warm while shoveling through snow outside is another great use of its magical powers. Here are some ideas for how to get drinks on using the kitchen's most valuable workhorse.

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