20 Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Won't Get in the Way of the Turkey

Kayla Boyd | Oct 4, 2018 Food & Party
20 Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Won't Get in the Way of the Turkey

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Now that it is fall, Thanksgiving is around the corner. As we begin to think about what we will be cooking this year, where and if we will have to travel, and how we are going to store all those leftovers, there is one more aspect many moms may need to consider: The dinner table. For those who will be hosting a large feast -- or even a small cozy dinner -- Thanksgiving is the time to go all out when it comes to the table setting. And the most important part of a Thanksgiving table (other than the food) is often the centerpiece. There are tons of DIY, store-bought, and found object ideas for a memorable Thanksgiving centerpiece. 

Most Thanksgiving centerpieces incorporate popular aspects of fall, such as pumpkins and colorful leaves. But there are a lot of ways to use those objects and make it distinctive. One person crocheted mini pumpkins instead of using real ones. Another person decorated their pumpkin centerpiece with glitter, while another used paint and beads to bedazzle it. Fruits and vegetables can also make nice centerpieces. It can be fun and easy to play with the different colors and shapes and it goes along with the theme of a fresh harvest. A more sentimental approach is to use a "gratitude tree" as a centerpiece. One family put sticks in a vase and attached paper leaves to them that expressed things they were grateful for. Other items that can be expertly incorporated into a fabulous centerpiece are succulents, acorns, Mason jars, candles and repurposed wood. Here are 20 elegant centerpiece ideas for the perfect Thanksgiving table. 

  • Succulent Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    A trend that has been popping up more in recent years is the use of succulents around the house. These gorgeous centerpieces are a combination of succulents and small pumpkins. Either real or fake plants can be used for this. 

  • Painted Mason Jars Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    Mason jars always make for good fall decor, and they can be gorgeous centerpieces as well. These ones were painted orange and yellow and adorned with leaves, flowers, and mini pumpkins. 

  • Planter Box Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This centerpiece looks great with a long, simple table runner. It is made from pillar candles, greenery, and small pumpkins, all gathered in and around a planter box. 

  • Bread Boards & Apples Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This unusual idea uses long bread boards as a base. If only one is used down the center of the table, it won't take up much space. Then, it was simply decorated with apples. 

  • Mason Jar Air Plant Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    Another simple centerpiece idea that involves Mason jars is to fill them up with dry corn and place an air plant on top. This person also added some red ribbon. 

  • Glitter Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This stunning centerpiece has a glittery pumpkin as the focal point. This could be bought or made. It is then surrounded with candles and jars of leaves and pinecones. 

  • Crochet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    For someone who likes to crochet, they can try their hand at these adorable pumpkins. For this centerpiece, the crocheted pumpkins were placed on a white plate with a candle. 

  • Mini Gourds & Leaves Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This clean and elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece has a precise color scheme of yellow, green, and white. The mini gourds and leaves look really great together. 

  • Log Candle Holder Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This centerpiece was made with a repurposed log. Holes were drilled into it to hold candles and then it was decorated with small yellow flowers. 

  • Backyard Greenery Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This centerpiece was made with greenery from the family's backyard. Then, they added some tall white candles for a more elegant look. 

  • Fresh Harvest Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    Fresh fruits and veggies can make a beautiful centerpiece on their own. These tomatoes, eggplants, apples, and more add a nice pop of color to the table. 

  • Apples Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This person explained their centerpiece on Instagram. First, the crafter raided the fridge for apples and clementines. Using pine cones from outside and boxwood trimmings, it was arranged in a wooden bowl. The bowl was then set on top of a mirror made from old tin ceiling tiles. 

  • Pine Cones Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    Pine cones are a great piece of nature to incorporate. These ones are randomly placed on the center of the table with small pumpkins and a candle. 

  • Glass Bottle Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    A quick and easy centerpiece idea is to take some glass bottles, put some water inside, and just a couple of pretty flowers. We also love how these ones are sitting on a round slice of wood. 

  • Colorful Fruit Thanksgiving Centerpiece


    This clever idea creates an ombré effect with colorful fruits. It contrasts really well with this dark table top. 

  • Leafy Candleholders Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This DIY centerpiece is simple and cute. This person used ribbon to attach fall leaves to basic candleholders. 

  • Bedazzled Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    For those who want something a little more glamorous, get the hot glue gun ready. This pumpkin centerpiece was painted silver and and then decorated with beads and the word "blessed." 

  • Tree Branch Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    This sweet crafted Thanksgiving centerpiece is a fun way for the family to share their gratitude. This mom wrote on Instagram: "We searched our woods this week for just the right branches for a gratitude tree. Already there’s something powerful about seeing this at the center of our family table each day. Even for a three year old. A tangible reminder to count gifts."

  • Pie Plates Thanksgiving Centerpiece


    This centerpiece is extravagant, but since it is built upwards, it won't take up too much space on the table. This person made it by stacking vintage pie plates and filling them with flowers, leaves, and pumpkins. 

  • Acorn Thanksgiving Centerpiece 


    Acorns are another natural element that can make great decor. This person simply filled glass candleholders with acorns. This idea can also be pulled off with glass jars or vases. 

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