Mac & Cheese Candy Canes Are a Thing & People Are Not Here for It

mac and cheese candy canes
Archie McPhee

There are many, many flavors of candy canes out there that go far beyond the traditional peppermint. The beloved holiday treat comes in everything from chocolate mint to strawberry Jolly Rancher. However, this new flavor is one that may be a tad too creative for our tastebuds. 

  • Seattle-based novelty retailer Archie McPhee, is now selling mac and cheese flavored candy canes! 

    Mac and cheese is one of my favorite foods, but I am really not sure about this.

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  • A box of this interesting creation costs $6 for six candy canes. 

    According to the website, it is "comfort food that tastes like comfort food." 

    Very clever. 

  • And needless to say, Twitter is a little confused by this new cheesy-flavored candy.

  • Many people are decidedly against the bizarre flavor. 

  • Not all foods need to be tested as a candy cane flavor. 

  • One person said that a mac and cheese flavor "crosses a line." 

  • And someone else suggesting using them to "scoop the mac and cheese into your mouth." 

    That seems kind of difficult? 

  • And mac and cheese isn't the only flavor Archie McPhee offers...

  • Yes, you can actually buy bacon and pickle flavored candy canes as well. 

  • Some people are actually willing to give those ones a try! 

  • I think I'll just stick to the "boring" traditional flavors this Christmas.