6 Extravagant & Over-the-Top Kids Birthday Party Themes

Kayla Boyd | Sep 27, 2018 Food & Party
6 Extravagant & Over-the-Top Kids Birthday Party Themes
Image: Macy Lima

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Macy Lima

Professional party decorator Macy Lima knows how to make a kid's craziest dreams come true when it comes to a birthday party. Her company, Macy Lima Decorations, is a Houston-based event coordinating business that specializes in children's parties. In an interview with Voyage Houston, Macy said, "As a new mom, I had spent countless hours, days, months planning special events for my kids and discovered a passion in creating unique party decorations that also provides a wonderful experience for all of the guests." That is what pushed her into developing her own business and now she plans and styles all different kinds of parties. 

Macy has done a wide range of themes, including everything from Sesame Street for her own kid to a botanical fairy garden party that looked like it dropped down from Neverland. Her levels of imagination and creativity are truly impressive. "It starts off with a theme, or idea and later I start creating and executing a unique and personalized decor service for the guest of honor," she explained to Voyage Houston. "I love to create new concepts that have never been seen before and bring my clients ideas into a large scale visual and emotional experience." We asked Macy about some of the most extravagant kids' parties that she has designed. She explained a little bit of the background for six different parties -- and they are all equality incredible. Here are six kids birthday party themes that Macy pulled off in the most extra and fantastical way possible. 

  • 'Moana' Birthday Party

    moana birthday party
    Marycar Photography

    This was a Moana themed party for 1-year-old twins. "We wanted to focus on baby Moana's first interaction with the ocean for this first birthday for twins Anna & Emma," Macy tells CafeMom. 

  • 'Moana' Treats 

    moana birthday party
    Marycar Photography

    The dessert table was epic! It had coconuts with faces, Hawaiian flowers, and so much vibrant color. 

  • 'Moana' Table Decor 

    moana birthday party
    Marycar Photography

    How cute are these seashells and chocolate turtles? This was a creative idea that would work for any ocean-themed party.

  • 'Moana' Party Favors

    moana birthday party
    Marycar Photography

    And these little boxes for the kids are incredible! Many of Macy's parties have super creative and on-theme party favors. 

  • First Fiesta Birthday Party

    First Fiesta birthday party
    Macy Lima

    "Naomi's first fiesta was a mixture of two themes," Macy says of this little girl's party. "Mexican fiesta and cactus party. Naomi was turning 1, so I decided to style it with a softer color palette." 

  • First Fiesta Cactus Cake 

    First Fiesta birthday party
    Macy Lima

    For the cake, they decorated it with perfectly painted cacti and pink flowers on top. And the pink cake plate with the pom-pom trim works so well. 

  • First Fiesta Treats

    First Fiesta birthday party
    Macy Lima

    And this piñata sugar cookie is amazing! In the background, there are also little Mexican hot chocolate-inspired treats.  

  • 'Sesame Street' Birthday Party

    Sesame Street Birthday Party
    Macy Lima

    According to Macy, this Sesame Street party was her "all-time favorite theme" that she gets asked about all the time. "I loved creating the backdrop, like the Brady Bunch iconic squares, for each Sesame Street character." 

  • 'Sesame Street' Party Decor

    Sesame Street Party Decor
    Macy Lima

    She even had a fishbowl with a little red fish in it and a speech bubble! This party decor is unbelievably on point. 

  • 'Sesame Street' Cake 

    Sesame Street Birthday Cake
    Macy Lima

    And even the cake had the whole Sesame Street gang. This first birthday party was absolutely a success! We can see why it's her favorite. 

  • Fairy Birthday Party

    Fairy Birthday Party
    Macy Lima

    "Maria Paula is a special 2-year-old girl that wins you over with her smile," Macy says of her client. "This was my first really big party and I was so excited because the theme was just so magical."

  • Fairy Party Decor

    Fairy Party Decor
    Macy Lima

    The party decor looked like a fairy garden straight from a little girl's dreams. The tables featured fake moss and fairy houses. 

  • Fairy Houses & Flowers

    Fairy Houses & Flowers
    Macy Lima

    "Her mom really let me get super creative with this party and I loved the outcome," Macy says. We can't even believe these little paper fairy houses. And the fresh flowers coordinate so well with everything. 

  • Fairy Cupcakes 

    Fairy Cupcakes
    Macy Lima

    Even the cupcakes were over-the-top. They featured cute little colorful mushroom houses and flowers. 

  • 'Harry Potter' Birthday Party 

    Harry Potter Birthday Party
    Macy Lima

    This birthday was for a 7-year-old girl. "I wanted to stay as close as I could to the film side, there is such a big Harry Potter following," Macy tells CafeMom. 

  • 'Harry Potter' Cake 

    Harry Potter Cake
    Macy Lima

    "I wanted to stay with a more colorful and fun Harry Potter party, so I styled it with all of Hogwarts's houses and their colors," she explains. The cake even has a 3-D golden snitch on top! 

  • 'Harry Potter' Treats

    Harry Potter Cake
    Macy Lima

    The rest of the treats also featured more golden snitches and sugar cookies with Harry's iconic glasses and scar on them. All of the details were phenomenal. 

  • 'Hungry Caterpillar' Birthday Party 

    Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

    "This was for my youngest son's first birthday party," Macy shares. "Being such a fan of the book, it just seemed perfect to make this his first party theme." 

  • 'Hungry Caterpillar' Treats 

    Hungry Caterpillar Treats

    "I made sure I included many of the key parts from the books in the whole decor," she says. We love these creative apple boxes with Nutella hiding inside! 

  • 'Hungry Caterpillar' Party Favors 

    Hungry Caterpillar Party Favors

    And of course, the party favors were incredible. These cute little caterpillar buckets are full of goodies! 

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