These Shower Wine & Beer Holders Are the Gift We Never Knew We Needed

shower wine and beer holders
Urban Outfitters

Who doesn't love a nice relaxing bath, complete with bubbles, a candle, and a glass of wine? Well, this new product being sold at Urban Outfitters is going to improve that experience in ways you never even knew you needed. The retailer is now selling wine glass holders that stick right on the shower wall -- meaning, not only can you enjoy a glass of rosé in the tub, but you can take one into the shower as well! And you don't have to worry about the glass falling off the side of the tub or having to step halfway out of the shower to reach for your glass all the way over by the sink. 

  • The silicone wine glass holders by Sipski are currently available for preorder and cost $15. 

    At this time, the estimated shipping date is November 22. 

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  • It comes in two colors: seafoam and marble. 

  • It adheres to the shower wall and should not leave any residue behind, according to Urban Outfitters website. 

    It is also dishwasher safe so it can be easily cleaned. 

  • Oh and if you prefer beer, don't worry, they've got you covered! 

    The Sudski Shower Beer Holder is also $15 and comes in navy and gray. 

  • Life just got so much better! 

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